Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Stuff

I've put visiting the dentist on my Don't Do list for too long. I finally broke down a few weeks ago and made an appointment. My teeth definitely need attention and today's visit confirmed it. How I hate going to the dentist...

The weekend was good. I visited relatives with my mom that I'd never met before...amazing how much family we have on this end of the state. It's too bad we're not closer to them.

Didn't get any writing done, but I did try and brainstorm my whole plot problem. Even asked my husband for his opinion. He's usually pretty good at helping me sort things out - even talking to him about it will usually spark something in my brain. Unfortunately, that didn't happen this time.

I have to prepare for my chapter meeting tomorrow - my first one as president. I'm excited for the stuff we'll be doing this year.

I also chopped about four inches off my hair - and it's a lot shorter than I'm used to. Just right above my shoulders. But I can't believe how much better I feel with all that hair gone!


  1. Good luck on your first meeting as president. You'll be great!

  2. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Your hair looks wonderful! I love it. Everyone needs a change sometime. I love my shorter hair, I have to style it, but it looks better. What panned out with the dentist? I need to get in as well.


  3. Lu - Too many cavities at the dentist. :-( But I think a lot of it is from my pregnancy. He is located over at West A and Coddington - would be close to home for you.

  4. Oh! I should clarify - from my pregnancy FIVE YEAR AGO, not now!!! Don't need any nasty rumors started!!!

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  6. So sorry about the dentist. I had 4 cavities after I gave birth to my son. Argh. Pregnancy wreaks havoc on your teeth.

    Oh, and fabulous hair! :)

  7. I love a good haircut :) Nothing makes you feel better!!!

  8. I've been a bad blogger today. A tough one at work. Sorry about the dentist!! In college and law school, I put off my visits (okay, it stretched as long as ten years, but being a health care lawyer does NOT improve your attitude as a patient, let me tell you). I broke down and started going regularly again, and thankfully, didn't pay too dearly for my absence. I did learn, however, that fillings are not permanent. Did not appreciate THAT news.

  9. Mel - hope the appointment went ok!! I hate the dentist too, though admit to feeling a little weepy when I had to say goodbye to the hygienist (sp?)/ receptionist in December. I won't see them again before we move and have been going there since I was a kid.

    Hope your chapter meeting goes well :-) And you reminded me - I need to call my stylist for a haircut as well.

  10. Must be some weird new president ritual - I chopped about 4 inches off my hair to bring it to my shoulders too.

    Hope the plot problem resolves itself soon. Good luck at your meeting!

  11. You look MARVELOUS Darling!! *g

    (and I hate going to the dentist too. Yuck. Just went last week. Yuck. Did I already say that?? Yuck)

  12. LOL! I think it's the consensus that none of us like to go to the dentist! :-) Thanks for the compliments on my hair. I'll have to see if I can't get a picture of myself with my new do'.

  13. New hair, new teeth, new year... You go girl!!


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