Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Tuesday Musings

Musing #1

The little problem in my manuscript is gone. I credit my husband. Although he didn't come up with the solution, he did graciously let me use him as a sounding board. Just being able to talk the problem out loud while he listened enabled that door to open in my mind. The only downside is I had to scrap 14 pages of writing. Grrr...oh well. Better to find out now than 200 pages later!

Musing #2

The two stepsons are on their way to Kentucky to stay with their mom for a month and a half. Lucky guys will get to go to Florida for a nine-day vacation as long as the hurricane season allows it. I now only have my daugher until mid-August, so it should be pretty quiet around here. My oldest stepson will come back in August - one ss lives with his mom, the other with us.

Musing #3

The 4th of July rocked. Hubby grilled out and we invited some neighbors over. Our next-door neighbor is a widower, a grouchy old man that yells at us more than anything, (which hubby tolerates to a point, but we realize the guy is just lonely and crabby) but he came over (he's on oxygen constantly, so doesn't get out of the house much) as well as some other neighbors we know from down the street. We all had a great time watching the non-stop firework show and eating my husband's yummy hamburgers and grilled chicken. Unfortunately, my oldest stepson was puking like a dog all day yesterday. We carried him out to the porch swing so he could at least watch the fireworks, but it definitely wasn't the best day for him. Thankfully, he was feeling much better today - I hope he doesn't get any flight sickness, though.

Musing #4

Allergies. Oh how I loathe allergies. I've been sneezing since I woke up this morning and have the classic symptoms: watery eyes, runny nose, etc., etc. I feel yucky, but I hope to go through some research on the novel while I lounge on the couch.

Musing #5

I will only have a three-day work week. Did I mention that I love my job? But there is a downside to that three-day work week. Stuff will undoubtedly have piled up over the weekend and holiday and we'll be playing catch-up all three days. The other copywriter will only be there on Wednesday, so I'll be keeping very busy.

Musing #6

I actually exercised both days we were at the hotel on Saturday and Sunday. Woo hoo for me! Went on a long walk yesterday in our park, so that gave me three solid days of exercise. Will try and get a good walk in tonight with my dog.

Musing #7

It's already 4:49 p.m. Where did the day go?


  1. Hey, is the old neighbor the Squirrel guy you used to complain about? Glad to hear the hotel went well and you got your butt in gear. Good to hear about your little hitch in the ms is gone.

  2. Rene -
    Yup, the same guy. Glad the feud is over, but he still has a squirrel trap in his backyard. But to tell the truth, I don't think he has the oxygen anymore to deal with the little critters.

  3. Nice of you to have him over :) Hope the book problems can sort themselves out :)

  4. Melissa - hugs on the rejection, but as you say, as these things go, it was a pretty good one :-)

    I hear you on the allergies - both Sean and I have been suffering the last few weeks.

    Sounds like a great J4 celebration !

  5. I would work on the new one, give yourself some space from Possession and clear your mind on it a bit. That way you'll have fresh eyes when you go back to it. Nice rejection too, as far as rejection goes. Beats a form letter any day!

  6. Hugs on the rejection. Definitely work on something new to clear your head. Then come back to it later and see what you think. Hope your stepson is feeling better!


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