Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm Yawning - Yup, Must Be Friday Afternoon

We had a long lunch today - our entire department went out to eat and we pretty much didn't care when we came back. Well, okay, we cared, but not as much as we normally do.

Fridays are pretty darn lazy around here. I get my work done, but the motivation to do much more isn't there.

I want to work on my synopsis this afternoon and maybe I'll get around to that. There's only so much mindless surfing you can do before you go nuts.

Plans for the Weekend...

Spend the entire day in my house Saturday (because it's supposed to break 100 degrees) with my two dogs by my side, working on my submissions. Go to "The Wedding Crashers" with friends that night. Yay, a date with hubby!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend, Melissa!

  2. I'm with you for just finding ways to stay out of the heat this weekend! Have fun on your date!

  3. Let us know what you think of Wedding Crashers! It sounds so good. :)

  4. Anonymous7:18 AM

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