Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I Wanna Write!

Yup, you heard me. I want to go home and sit down at my computer, open my Word document, AND WRITE.

For long, uninterrupted lengths of time. With lots of chocolate.

Of course, now that the stepsons are gone for awhile, my daughter might be demanding more of my attention. But she's great at entertaining herself. I don't think she's ever come up to me and whined, "Mom, I'm BORED."

The rejection letter has only fueled me to get the manuscript finished that I just started. Granted, it won't be overnight, but I'd like to keep the momentum going for as long as possible.

My allergies were bothering me this morning, but they seem to have dissipated somewhat this afternoon. This is a good thing, considering I'm very busy at work.

Now, if I can just stop yawning...


  1. All right! That's the upside of rejection letters. They should inspire you to CONQUER!!!

  2. Good luck! Keep going with the writing!!

  3. good for you for wanting to write instead of hiding under the covers from the rejection!! Hope you find lots of time to write!!

  4. Yeah!! Get to it :) Have fun.

    I sympathise with the allergies, I'm lucky we don't have many allergies in our family, just my mom with hayfever (poor her). I've been trying to use less cleaning products (please don't laugh LOL), and using microfiber cloths to clean--that really work. If you're allergic to that chemical stuff let me know and I'll send you the website info.

  5. Ah yes, allergy season. It's a bugger. Take some chocolate, I hear that cures everything. :-)

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