Thursday, July 28, 2005

The "Real" Job

Darn it! I was looking forward to spending a few hours this afternoon writing. I have all my work done for my "real" job and eagerly anticipated my manuscript. But alas, something else has come up, so I must momentarily put my writing on hold for another few hours.

I wish I had the type of job that I could work for a few hours and go home every single afternoon - and make the same type of money. Maybe someday. But at this point, I've got to just suck it up and do it.

Fortunately, hubby is going to go to school to get training for a different career, one with more stability and better pay. It might be tough to do the whole school thing, but we'll make it through. I think he's excited to start on this new journey.

I wrote yesterday at work and last night and I hope to do more when I get off work. The dogs have settled into a bit of a pattern at night, sprawled out around my desk. They're getting spoiled, I think. :-)


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