Monday, August 06, 2007

Flying Fingers

Since the temperatures hovered in the upper 90's this weekend, it was the perfect opportunity for me to stay inside in the nice air-conditioned house and get some writing done. And write I did. I'm getting closer to being finished with my edits and sending this baby off.
Immersing myself in the story has been a wonderful treat for me. With no hospitals to worry about (although hubby does have to go there twice a day for his antibiotics - but he drives himself) and no reason to go outside and melt, I've had the pleasure of happily typing away without worry of interference.
I've lived the writing life this weekend. But today it's back to the day job, back to Curves, and back to a schedule. School starts in a few weeks (unbelievable!) and my stepson will be in football this year, so the schedule will be in full force before long. Writing time will become precious.
Happy Monday!


  1. I know what you mean! September seems suddenly right around the corner and I'm late for and editing date myself!

    Thanks for stopping by The Master's Artist and for your kind words. Good luck with your latest WIP!

  2. Hooray for writing weekends! Isn't it wonderful to just wallow in words for an entire day? Ahh...if only there were more of those.

    Hard to believe school starts soon. Where does that time go?

  3. Oh Melissa I have missed reading your blog so much, I feel so out of the loop. I am back online now and am trying to get back into routine. Will check back soon. Miss ya kiddo!!

  4. Glad hubby is out of the hospital. And great going on the writing! Congrats on getting so much done.


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