Thursday, August 23, 2007

You're Not Going to Believe This

My husband broke his foot.

You don't believe me, do you.

I wish I were fooling.

I'm not.

He has to have a booted cast on for six weeks.

Isn't life grand?


  1. Oh, wow, Melissa, that's brutal! It's really raining for you guys. I hope the weather turns soon. :) Sending a hug your way.

  2. Oh my goodness, (((Melissa))), I don't know what to say!

    Keeping you (and your hubby) in my thoughts and prayers.


  3. I never ends, does it? Keep it up. I know life will start swinging back in your favor soon. You deserve it.

  4. Oh my, Melissa. How did he manage that? Big hugs.

  5. Tess - He slipped on some wet stairs, the result of a torrential rain storm we had on Monday night. And he was barefoot. So I think that's what did him in.

  6. Excuse me Mel, while I laugh hysterically....

    I'm sorry for chuckling at your misfortune, but can't you see ~some~ humor in the whole thing.

    Seriously though, I wish your husband speedy recovery, and the best of luck to you.

    prayers, ~~Olivia

  7. Olivia - humor is what has gotten us through this entire thing!!! We laugh a lot. :-)

  8. Well, if someone's going to have it happen to them it'll be your husband. Does this take him off the job market again? And will you insurance cover it?

  9. Wow, that's harsh! Here's hoping for a quick recovery--and some BIG HUGS!

  10. Diane - He actually has a job interview on Monday. The boot cast makes it possible for him to walk without crutches, which is good. He can't do any manual labor, though. And he is now under the care of the VA - Veteran's Administration - so we don't have to worry about insurance anymore - thank the Lord!!!

  11. Melissa,
    Sorry to hear about your hubby again! Poor guy! I really feel for him and if he is anything like my husband, for you too! I did my ER work for today using a needle and tweezer to pull out a tweezer from my husband's index finger. He whined worse than any of my children put together.

    six weeks in a cast sucks! I had that when I ripped all the ligaments in my ankle. The itching the discomfort the claustrophobia! Oi, I really feel for him!


  12. There is absolutely nothing I can say to that except i'm thinking good thoughts for you.


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