Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Storms and Golf Courses

Big, huge thunderstorm last night. Wind gusts up to 80 mph. (No, I'm not kidding). Hail. Fierce rain. Lightning. Thunder.

It was a bit scary.

While I love thunderstorms, storms of this power and magnitude are a bit scary. Tornados are always a possibility in this area and the strong winds can do a lot of damage.

(This picture isn't from our storm, but we did have golf-ball sized hail last night).

My daughter usually loves storms, too, but this one was a bit too much for her. This morning on the way to school, we listened to the radio and heard reports from last night's weather - trees falling on houses and cars, power outages, and golf-ball sized hail. My daughter listened with interest and then proceeded to ask me a question.

"Mom, why did the storm go to the golf course?"

How do you not chuckle at that?

Well, I did chuckle. But then I also realized how we made another memory this morning.

Some day, I'll be driving her to high school and she'll be checking her hair in the mirror (or not, since she hates to have her hair combed and is quite the tomboy, but you never know...) and she'll be flipping the radio stations to listen to her favorite songs, telling me about the latest cute guy at school, and maybe I'll say, "Remember that day you asked me why the storm went to the golf course?"

I hope she gets a big grin on her face and says, "Yes! Wasn't that funny?" and doesn't roll her eyes at me and say, "Mom! Don't even mention that again!"

But even if she does do the latter, I'll always remember the day the storm made a special trip to the golf course—and created a special memory in my heart.


  1. Hey Melissa, HOpe you are holding up well under the storms. Love the story about the golf course! Great anecdote.

    I wanted to ask you why your blog is called Grosvenor Square. I always think of London and Pride and Prejudice when I see your title. Was just wondering how you came about it.


  2. Ell - When I originally started this blog, I was writing a Regency historical novel and was really into the Regency period. And so when I switched focus to WW2, I didn't feel like changing the blog's name since I thought it would be too much hassle. :-)

  3. What a cutie pie you have! Great memory. :)

  4. Your daughter sounds adorable. ;-)

  5. that's cute Melissa, sounds like one kick ass storm though


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