Tuesday, June 20, 2006

On Shopping and Shoes

We're headed back home for my mother-in-law's wedding this weekend and last night my daughter and I decided to go shopping. She needed a shirt to match her skirt and I needed a pair of shoes.

One thing I learned about my daughter - she's exactly like I was when I shopped with my mom growing up. My mother would always pick out outfits, I'd wrinkle my nose in distaste, then proceed to pick out something completely opposite of what Mom had liked. My daughter did the exact same thing last night. Part of me had to let go and realize that she is her own person and even if I'd love to see her in one of those adorable summer dresses, it's just not going to happen. I was pleasantly surprised that she picked out a cute skirt a few days ago, but even more surprised when she found a skirt she liked even better last night. In fact, it's more of a girlie skirt than the last one!

Then it was on to the shoes. As she needed something dressy - even though she wanted to wear flip flops to the wedding which I shot down immediately - we went to Payless Shoe Source because let's face it - I'm not going to pay big bucks for a pair of shoes she may only wear once or twice. We went through the same thing again with the shoes as we did the outfit. I'd point one out, she's wrinkle her nose. She'd try one on, say she liked it, then pause and say, "Well, maybe I'll change my mind." And then she did.

At long last, we finally found the right shoe. Then it was my turn.

I wanted a shoe different from those I have in my closet - something bold, yet not too outlandish. Something not black, but maybe bright red.

Well, we went to several different stores. Unfortunately, the ones I liked were either over $100 (and I REFUSE to pay that much for a pair of shoes) or over $60 (again, I refuse to pay over $60 for a pair of shoes!). The cheap shoes I didn't like. My daughter was very patient with me and pointed out the pretty shoes that she liked (do you see a pattern here?). I still couldn't make up my mind.

In the end, I decided to wear a pair of shoes languishing in my closet. I'll save my money for my trip to Atlanta instead. :-)


  1. LOL re your daughter. I bet your mum is laughing even harder ;-)

    I hear you on shoe shopping. Went through it last week and FINALLY found something. But I still hate it. Mine were even on sale :-) Now I just hope they're as comfy as they seemed in the store!!

  2. My daughter is a total fashionista these days. I remember when she was a toddler and we'd pass a women's shoe department. She'd go crazy. It's really pathetic when your 6 year old is already cooler than you ever were. Ah well, I guess I'll get used to it.

    I'm a shoe horse myself. Of course they are all black.

  3. I'm newly converted to flip flops. I used to hate them, now I wear them with everything.

  4. Did you know I quit shopping with my daughter? I send my hubby with her for everything but bras. My girl and I argue so much in stores as soon as security sees us coming through the doors, they have all the undercover people watching us lmao

  5. My daughter is such a girl but she isn't into skirts? She loves dresses or boy clothes, but not skirts???

  6. I think it's a toss-up on shoes. Sometimes you're better to spend $60 if you're going to be able to wear the shoes over and over. They're also easier on your feet. In the long run, you might save money. But like you, I find it hard to part with that money!!

  7. I'm with you on the shoes. I refuse to pay more than $60. Luckily I usually find nice quality shoes on sale or hit Payless. And I bought my first red pair of heels this summer. A sassy pair of bright red mules - on sale for $29.

  8. *snort* sounds like my mother and me.


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