Friday, June 02, 2006

It's Friday

Yup, my favorite day of the week. I'm not sure what my weekend plans will be, but they definitely involve writing.

I'm thinking of heading off to a local World War II museum that I've wanted to visit for quite a long time now. Might give me additional motivation to work on my WWII novel.

Other than that, I plan on relaxing. I like to do that on the weekends. I'm on the go too much during the week.

But what I'd really like to do is go home for about a week. Ah, yes. Sitting on my Dad's front porch, looking out over the pasture, watching the cows graze, basking in the cool air of a western Nebraska summer night...that sounds pretty good about now. Unfortunately, I've got to save my vacation hours for Atlanta. And Atlanta can't come soon enough! I'm so excited to go and meet everyone and just enjoy the entire experience.

If you could go anywhere on vacation right now, where would it be?


  1. Dream: Paris
    Reality: San Francisco--love that city!

    Have fun this weekend and stay safe!

  2. Anywhere? How to choose! I totally have the travel bug, mostly because we can't go anywhere this year (but I will be in Atlanta!) I've been craving a Maine vacation, or a trip to Estes Park, or Florida, or Washington, Montana, um....ok, I'm not that picky I guess. lol

  3. Dream: Ireland
    Reality: Washington D.C. to see the WWII memorial. My dad's name is on it.

  4. I would head out to London. I love that city- one never gets bored. I also love this house we rent on Salt Spring Island. There is nothing to do but write.

    Have you read Shadow Divers? Interesting WW II book. You might enjoy.

  5. Ooohhh anywhere? I would be in a little villa in Tuscany or the South of France, sipping wine that the hot lawyer guy just brought me...

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