Thursday, June 22, 2006

And They're Off...

No particular reason for a picture of Ioan Gruffuld (he of Horatio Hornblower and The Fantastic Four fame). It's a "just because" day. :-)

Tried to finish my revisions on chapter two last night, but didn't quite make it in between packing and doing laundry. I really wish all the German I learned in grad school would come back to me since I'm dealing with a lot of German soldiers in the WIP. Hubby tried talking to me in German last night (he is fluent after living there for 8 years with the army), but I lost the little that I used to know.

We'll be heading off for a mini vacation after work today. It's a long drive across the state - and it's a straight line. I'm not kidding, either! We travel well over 350 miles before we ever turn. Unfortunately, there's not much to look at on the drive, which is why I'm taking along a book to read and a hard copy of my novel for editing purposes. Of course, hubby and I usually end up talking a lot, too. The kids will be entertained with the DVD player. :-)

I'll be back on Tuesday - hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!


  1. Oh have fun! I envy you. I can't read in the car making long car rides either boring or torturous. Now the DVD play...hmmm that's an idea to think about LOL

  2. Have agreat holiday!!!! Let us know how it goes!!! Oh I want one of those players!! Darn it :)

  3. Safe journey, Melissa! WW2 rocks!

  4. Melissa, have a great trip!

  5. Can't type...slobbering over Ioan... keyboard shorting out...

  6. I can't read in the car - makes me ill. Now the DVD player ... *gg*

    Have fun!

    And the picture works for me. Not my Hugh, but pretty to look at too.

  7. Have a great and well deserved holiday. You are lucky too- if I try and read in the car it makes me ill.

  8. ummmm, that man is a hottie!! Oh and have a great trip

  9. Hope you had a great time. I look forward to your travel tales when you get back.


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