Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Aspirations

I used to be this:

That was when I was just out of college. A slender 115 pounds. Size 7. Oh, how I love this dress. The colors are just absolutely gorgeous. Ok, granted, it was ten years ago when I wore this.

Now I'm this:

Considerably more (and no, I won't tell you how much - I've got to keep some things private!) I wore this to my office Christmas party this year and with the help of some good undergarments, I didn't look too bad.

I aspire to be this:

It's do-able. This dress is in a medium. Never been worn. I bought it several years ago as motivation. Then I had a baby. And motivation flew out the window. Granted, it looks a little UN-doable, but hey, I lost the weight once, I can lose it again, right? Problem is, this time it's turning out to be a LOT harder than last time. I've put back on 12 pounds. I worked my tush off to get those 12 pounds off in the first place. Sure, I've still got the bonus of having lost 20 pounds, but darn it, I can't wear some of my clothes again. And yes, maybe I had a good reason to gain weight - husband out of work, in the hospital with a staph infection, yada yada yada.

Well. That's over. And the reason I haven't already lost that weight is because during that stressful time, I fell back on bad habits. No more! In fact, I hope to be wearing this sexy little number when I go to Italy in the fall. Yes, I am going to Italy! I've already got some money saved and have time to save for the rest of it.

Is that motivation or what?


  1. Wow - Italy! Am very envious. You'll have such a good time :o)

    And yes, that's motivation. Your diet buddies are also going to try harder...

  2. Lucky you, going to Italy!!! Do you know where yet? I'd LOVE to go to Florence. All that Renaissance Art History I studied *g*.

    As for weight - yeah, it can be a pretty constant battle, no matter what size one is. But if you've lost it once, you can do it again :)

  3. Italy--Yea for you!! I've been there twice and would go again in a heartbeat. Do you know what part(s) you're headed for?

    I'm so happy for you!

  4. Hurrah for Italy! I'm jealous! So jealous! And I love the first and last dress! They are too cute.

    Listen, i have no cute dresses I aspire to, I just want to lose 2 dress sizes!

  5. Italy! I was there during the summer I backpacked all over Europe in college. Absolutely loved it. You'll look great in your sexy dress. :)

  6. Here's wishing you a heart good luck, though I think many women worry too much about their weight.

    A lot of us men don't care all that much. We stay enamored with the girls we fell in love with regardless of any changes.


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