Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happiness Is...


I am now the proud owner of Ken Burns' phenomenal documentary, The War. I am so excited I literally feel like running down the hallway and yelling for joy, a fact which my co-workers undoubtedly would not appreciate.

Suffice to say, I love (because that was the only way I was able to afford it), I love the Internet (because it gave us!) and I absolutely love the fact that I can watch this amazingt series to my heart's content. I cannot wait to have this in my hot little hands.

Okay. Gushing over.

Back to work!


  1. You are a very odd woman. Christian Bale isn't even in that one.

  2. Rene, you are right. She is an odd woman... ;-) Good thing we like her!

    Yes, Amazon and shopping on the internet is like the biggest deal to me! I can shop from the comfort of my desk chair. What's not to love??

  3. Ooooh, you two are both very lucky I wasn't drinking anything when I read this, otherwise my keyboard would be ruined! Hahahaha...

  4. Aren't documentaries great? I love watching them too :)

    Not that "Rome" doesn't have its advantages - James Purefoy, anyone?, but sometimes just the facts are what I'm in the mood for.

  5. I've got this series and had to stop watching and take a break after a few episodes -- it's not the happiest story, obviously! But this is a good reminder to me that I want to get back to it.

  6. I've got to agree with you on the documentaries thing, Tess. There are some great ones out there!

    Lisa, I will undoubtedly watch these over the course of the next few months instead of all at once simply because I don't think I could sit in front of the t.v. for that many nights in a row!

  7. Hi, Melissa,
    Cool site you have here.
    I just happened upon it. I set my last novel (hopefully to be published at some point) in Vietnam during the war, so I'm right there with you. I found the research fascinating. Not sure i'd want to immerse myself in it for an eternity however, but I sure learned a lot.
    Enjoy watching your new purchase, I'm sure you will!

  8. James Purefoy? When Kevin McKidd is on the screen? (moment of silent mental appreciation...)

    I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

  9. Hi Catherine! Thanks for dropping by! Research is one of my loves - but it gets to the point where I have so much I want to research that I can't do it all. That's a bit frustrating! :-)

    Oooh, Christine...James Purefoy. I am RIGHT THERE with ya. He was in that one movie...I think it was called Jilting Joe or something like that. He looked absolutely divine.


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