Friday, March 07, 2008

The Magic of Mini Eggs

Already the stores are bursting with fuzzy bunnies, plastic eggs, and candy, candy, candy. Easter season is here! And this season is the only time of year where I can find the utterly delectable Cadbury Mini Eggs.

Ah, bliss for the tastebuds! I have been known to devour an entire bag within the space of a few days. (That was before the whole weight loss, of course!). Now I must limit myself. Sigh...which almost seems, well, wrong.

Thankfully, they have come out with mini bags of mini eggs. Heh. Gotta love that. I can restrict myself to a small bag and not feel so guilty and still enjoy the chocolatey (is that spelled right?) goodness of these little treasures. The hard part is not going back to the store again and again to buy more bags. I have yet to try the dark chocolate mini eggs...I'm a little leery because I love the original so much, but doubt it's going to stop me. ;-)

So yes. It's Friday. The weekend looms ahead with possibilities. For me, that includes writing, researching (oh, I LOVE being able to walk to the library from my office building!) and hanging out. And it may also include a little bag of pastel-colored, chocolate eggs...


  1. My kids LOVE those mini eggs.
    I have already got a big bowl hidden away for them for Easter morning.

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. You devoured a whole packet in a few days? :-o I can't get a packet to last a SINGLE day. They've been on our shelves since Christmas.

  3. Oh, your kids are gonna LOVE you on Easter morning, Holly! ;-)

    Since Christmas, Diane? Yet another reason for me to move to England...*grin*

  4. I enjoy the cheap Jelly Beans this time of year, but those eggs kind of gross me out and chocolate tends to give me migraines.

  5. Just so you know - that is my FAVORITE chocolate in the whole world! I live for Easter and these eggs! I love cadbury!

  6. Chocolate gives you headaches? Oh, Travis, I truly sympathize. If I couldn't have chocolate...well, let's just not go there. *grin*

    Yes! A kindred spirit, Ell!

  7. We must have been on the same wavelength yesterday, only I picked up a bag of those robins' eggs -- you know, the malted milk kind? Mmmmm.

  8. la la la la

    I'm not listening about the Easter candy. I can't H-E-A-R you!

  9. Lisa, my husband bought me a sack of those Friday. I ate a few and then donated the rest to the office candy jar. ;-)

    But Kacey, just think of what you're missing! ;-)


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