Monday, March 24, 2008

Movie Marathon

Had a change of plans this weekend. Instead of heading west to the old homestead and my family, I ended up staying home, nursing whatever it was that brought me to my knees on Friday. Let's just say I did a lot of sleeping, took lots of ibuprofen, and was very glad I wasn't driving. I was very disappointed not to see my family, so I will be making the trip this weekend instead.

At any rate, being under the weather provided the perfect opportunity to do a little movie watching!

First up, Will Smith in I Am Legend. Creepy. And nail-biting. And very sad. Will Smith gave an excellent performance, though, as an army doctor who is the last survivor in New York City. He's trying to find a cure for a virus that has wiped out most of mankind and made zombies out of the rest. A little far-fetched, but still a good flick.

Second flick was Keira Knightley and James McAvoy in Atonement. Wow. This was an absolutely beautiful film. The cinemotography, the music, the setting, the acting...all top notch. Set in England before and during World War II, this movie centers around the tragic ramifications of a single lie. Powerful and heart-wrenching. Very well done.

Third flick was The Spiderwick Chronicles at the movie theater. This was my only outing of the weekend, otherwise I was housebound! But we went as a family on Easter Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it. This film tells the story of a family who moves into an old house that contains a book full of secrets of the fantastical creatures that live in the nearby woods. Great fun.

Hubby and I rounded off Sunday evening with a game of Scattergories and despite my pledge to whoop his tush, I ended up losing. He is the master of coming up with very distinctive answers for this game, so really, I don't mind losing to him that much. Ha!


  1. Feel better soon. I've been sick the past few days, too, and it's no fun!

  2. Sorry you didn't get to the homestead this weekend and I hope you feel better soon. We saw "I am Legend" on DVD this weekend too -- I kind of had the same reaction you did, although I have a feeling that the originally book (or it may have been a short story) that was written in the 50's was better. The CGI was a big turnoff for me.

    "Atonement" -- well, I went and saw it at the movies because I loved the book so much. If you haven't read it, I think you would enjoy (although now the ending won't surprise you). That camera shot over the beach at Dunkirk was the longest continuous shot I think I've ever seen. Just amazing.

  3. To bad you didn't make it home to visit you family. Hope you're feeling all better now.

    I want to see Atonement. I heard it was excellent. It's on my to see list!

  4. Devon - Hope you feel better soon, too!

    Lisa - Yes, that scene at Dunkirk was absolutely amazing. I think they had over 1,000 extras to do that scene alone. I just loved the entire movie - except for the ending, of course!

    Kacey - Definitely watch Atonement. It is indeed excellent!

  5. ooohh--I haven't seen any of those movies, but would love to. Some of Atonement was filmed in Shropshire--my home county :)

    I've been sick too. Just a lingering virus that made me dizzy for a week and is now a cold. :( Hope you are better now :)

  6. Toni, hope you're better now, too! And yes, definitely see Atonement!!!

  7. Atonement looked and felt a lot like Pride and Prejudice, impeccable setting, acting and dialogue. A bit depressing toward the end, but over all very well done.

  8. Sorry to hear about your knees! But your weekend of movies does sound nice :) Thanks for the mini reviews!!


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