Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter and Writing

Brrrrr! It's cold here! I wish I had a nice, warm dog to cuddle with right about now! Unfortunately, the day job only offers me a cubicle with a window where I can watch the snow blowing and falling. Yesterday we had a taste of spring - low 50's - and today we've been blasted back to polar temperatures.

In the midst of taking care of my poor sick stepson (he has the flu and is miserable) and helping my daughter draw a "winter tree" for her latest artwork, I managed to get in about a page of writing last night on the laptop. I'm enjoying my character so far - she's different from anything I've ever written - and that in itself is a challenge.

A headache prevented me from exercising, but that's ok - I plan to hit the treadmill and weight machine tonight. I think I may detect just a slight loosening in my jeans. Could be my imagination, though!

I actually don't mind too much that it's cold outside. I like cozying up under a blanket on the couch with my laptop, a cup of hot cocoa (if I'm in the mood) within reach. I tend to thrive during the winter months. Maybe I have the opposite of seasonal affective disorder since summers make me incredibly cranky. Too much sun! Give me rain and snow and dark, dreary days!

I know. I'm weird...


  1. I agree! I'm totally winter girl!

  2. I usually prefer winter, but this one has been dull, grey and wet. We've had week after week of rain and I'm getting fed up. This year, I'm looking forward to summer.

  3. For dreary dark swing by Nova Scotia. We're immersed in it right now. Ugh. Although I usually write better in dismal weather. :) But I'm an autumn girl. Crisp, clean air...mmmm...

  4. I'm a spring girl myself. Winter here in the north is just becoming too much. Our low for tonight is -48C. That's just too cold.

    My dh is sick with the flu too. I know he's really sick when he's not complaining and he's been so quiet, it's scary! Hope your DSS feels better soon!


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