Thursday, January 10, 2008

Odds and Ends

Out of Mama Kitty's last litter of four, we have one left - the one pictured above. She is a girl and as adorable as can be. She already has a home to go to, but the gal who is taking her is in the midst of moving and asked if we could watch the kitty for a few weeks. I had no problem with that! Especially when she's as cute as this little one!
And Mama Kitty has an appointment at the vet on Friday to get spayed. Yay!
I've been keeping busy with exercise and writing, in that order. I'm determined to get this extra weight off that I accumulated over the summer, and then continue shedding pounds. Thankfully we have a great place to work out in our basement - we just reorganized it over the weekend and it's nice and open with a treadmill, a great weight machine, and a weight bench.
Chapter One is done on the novel! I'm excited to keep moving forward. That pesky voice is making a steady retreat!


  1. You're right - she's gorgeous. And well done on clearing the Ch1 barrier. Keep going now.

  2. Cheers to you for defeating the Doubt Demons!

  3. What ambition. Exercising and Writing. The writing I can the exercise .... ?

  4. What a cutie!

    And good for you. Excercise is my downfall and I have to pump it up a notch!

  5. such a cutiepie! I would find it hard to give her up!

  6. What a sweet face! Congratulations on writing through the self-doubt. I never doubted you for a minute. On to chapter 2!

  7. Aw, she is so cute.

    Congrats on the writing. And the exercise. You're on a roll!


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