Friday, January 25, 2008

The Do-Nothing Weekend.

I'm gone all week at work. So when the weekend comes up, I don't want to do anything. To me, it's two lovely days of sleeping in, lounging around the house, getting caught up on housecleaning and laundry, and writing.

There are times I'll have the urge to go shopping or get out of the house for a bit, but by and large, my weekends are my time. And that's how I like it.

If I have a very busy weekend, I don't feel like I've had a proper time to rejuvenate to face the upcoming work week. Those weeks last forever.

Are you the type that needs to have a weekend of nothing, or do you cram in as much stuff as possible on your days off?


  1. The Do-Nothing Weekend sounds perfect to me. Have a good one!

  2. I am all about the do-nothing weekend. I do most of my writing (especially for the Dickens Challenge) on the weekend because there's not much time or energy to do it after work, during the week. I also think mini-vacations about once every three or four months are a must. Time off from work to go somewhere different, relax, read, see the ocean, walk different streets, meet new people. But I'm definitely not like some of my superwoman friends who manage to work all week, drag kids all over town, shop, redecorate, etc. If I do too much on the weekend I'm drained on Monday.

  3. Shirley - thanks! Will try. :-)

    Lisa - Exactly. If I don't get my down-time, Monday will be a horrible day. I also like to do the mini-vacation thing - wish I had more money to go places though!

  4. especially in the winter. I love stay inside, do nothing weekend!

  5. Kacey - YES. Winter is the perfect time for this! And hot summer days, too. When it starts to cool off, then I'll venture outdoors.

  6. My days off are just that - off from life. I don't like to do anything I have to do. Except from now on, my days will be filled with packing. Like today, when I've been blogging instead of packing ...

  7. I don't like to have scheduled days off. I keep "floaters", so that whenever I need time off, I take it.

    Sometimes I run errands and do busy things. Sometimes I just hang out and read a book or take a walk on the beach.

  8. My downtime used to be Monday. Kids would be in school and dh at work. As you know, that has changed. The weekends are generally filled with stuff, particularly in the fall and spring. Now that I'm working, my weekend will be filled with housecleaning. Doesn't really bother me, I do some of my best "writing" when I'm cleaning.

  9. I love a lazy weekend...but I usually don't get one. I try to do all of my tasks one day or the other, so I at least have one full day to do as little as possible :) Here's to the weekend!


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