Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm Back (Sort Of)

The doctor visit didn't give me any answers - but they did get some blood from me. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've had my blood taken - and I can tell the good lab techs from the, well, not so good. The gal I had yesterday pricked my vein and I didn't even feel it. She was a good one. :-)

Could be my thyroid...could be anemia (guess I was bordeline anemic last time they did my bloodwork). I'm thinking it's the anemia, but we'll see what the tests turn up.

Yesterday wasn't a bad day to be home since we got a nice snowstorm. So the cats and I cozied up while I took a nap, read, and just lounged on the couch. Today, though, I'm back at work and still feeling pretty darn tired.

Funny thing - in the midst of all this, I wanted to write. I actually got out my AlphaSmart Tuesday night, but was only able to type out a few words about how miserable I felt. Anything further exhausted me.

And can I rant for a minute? I was just getting back on my feet with my diet and exercise program. I'd been hitting the treadmill and the weight machine with great success - and then this. Why does that always happen? I get started again with my commitment to a better, healthier me, feel great, then dive into a bout of sickness. I thought exercise was supposed to make you healthy! Maybe it's just a very sad coincidence.

At any rate, still tired. I did finish a great autobiography of Maureen O'Hara, though, called 'Tis Herself. Very well written. Now I'm reading Dorothy Lamour's autobiography and a book on Hollywood during World War II that is quite fascinating.

Hope to get by your blogs soon!


  1. Well, if it's anemia, that's easily fixed. I had a blood test years ago, and my blood count was down to 9. It's supposed to be from 11-15. A case of anemia! I told the doctor I felt fine. He said "You have no idea how much better you'll feel when you fix this." Sure enough, after a few weeks on iron and vitamin C, I felt like a new person!

  2. Hope you have answers soon. But you're right, being home sick during a snowstorm is just fine, especially if cats are involved :)

    Take care!!

  3. Hope you get a good answer from the blood tests (ie, easy to fix!) and that you're feeling spunky in no time.

    Just curious -- which book on Hollywood in WWII are you reading? I've read some, but I'm on the lookout for more, as research for my current WIP.

  4. Unless your doctor specifically tells you not to, you should exercise through the fatigue, because the more consistent you are with your exercise regimen, the more it helps you fight the fatigue. Even with anemia. I've battled anemia for years, and the worse it gets, the more I'm told to exercise, although with the dietary changes, in order to defeat it.

    Always check with your doctor first, but if the doc gives the okay, I think after awhile, even if you have trouble getting started on the exercise, you'll see, and most importantly feel, a difference.

  5. Hope you feel better soon! And why is it that stuff like this happens whenever you start a new exercise/health routine??

    Your day of napping, cats, and lounging on the couch sounds nice though!

  6. Hope you're feeling better.

    I've seen that O'Hara biography.

    It's snowing a little here, but that's all, no snowstorm and no sticking. I'm envious.

  7. I hope you have more energy soon girl. I hate getting blood taken, it's hard to find a good nurse.


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