Monday, July 23, 2007

The Joy

Great weekend.
Fantastic weekend.
Stupendous weekend.
Because I got a ton of editing/writing done. And it felt terrific.
I've immersed myself so fully in my novel that even when I'm not sitting at the computer, I'm thinking about it. I've moved scenes, deleted others, gotten rid of entire paragraphs, and left some rather good ones.
I definitely felt the joy of writing this weekend.
Are you feeling the joy right now? If so, tell me about it. If not, you can share that, too.


  1. Ooohhhh I love days like that! Congratulations - you deserve a really great writing day after all you've been through lately.

  2. I'm feeling it with both GOOD NAMES and TRACKING MEDUSA.

    Glad you got so much done!

  3. I finished chapter 3 of my new WIP and I'm rather pleased. Once I get over that hump, I tend to pick up my writing speed. The boring stuff is over now its on to the action.

  4. Yay for you Melissa! It's great when the story and characters stay with you, isn't it? To me it's the best reason for writing regularly. When I break from writing, it's hard to get back into the story.

  5. Love that your weekend was stupendous. :) I'm looking for many of those once we're all settled and my routine kicks in again.

  6. I'm feeling happyily ensconsed in the new HP book :) Glad you got so much done!

  7. I'm feeling the joy--despite the heat :) Good luck tomorrow!

  8. Good for you. You're sounding nice and positive. Well done and keep it up.


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