Saturday, July 14, 2007

Getting Back on Track

When a major event happens in your life - like your husband being in the hospital for nearly three weeks and being unemployment for a possibilty of two months - you sort of get sidetracked from normal, everyday life. And in my case, I also got sidetracked from my novel.

I think I did a decent job of working on it while everything was going on around me, but I can definitely tell that my focus wasn't on it. And that's how it should be. I had more important things to worry about. My husband's health and taking care of my daughter came first.

But now that hubby is on the road to recovery and my daughter is thrilled to have him take care of her at home now, it's time for me to refocus and get back on track with my writing.

The edits aren't yet done for the novel, but I believe I can get them done within a reasonable amount of time. Since hubby can't lay around for very long, he's been doing light housework, which has definitely helped me out, and this will give me more time to write.

I'm not much of a goal maker because they generally tend to derail me more than help. Weird, I know, but if I give myself deadlines, I like to meet them. (There's probably not much difference between a goal and a deadline, but it works for me).

I'm giving myself until August 4th to have my novel completely finished - edits, rewrites, proofreading, etc. I think it's doable.

In fact, I just might download one of those nifty count down gizmos to help keep me on track.

Anyone else need motivated? Come join me!


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Having been in a similar situation, multiple family health crisises and unemployment, my edits have been slowed as well. I'll join you on the August 4 deadline. Here's to us!

  2. I am floundering through summer LOL. I try to get stuff done but not as easy as when the kids are away out of the house and I want to enjoy the summer with them too. I am working through Maass' workbook, on my wip. SLOW.

    So glad things are getting a little bit back to normal for you.

  3. Good for you. Glad things are getting back on track.

    I found the place soliciting work/essays/stories on migraines:

    They pay.

  4. Melissa, your strength and focus in the face of adversity is admirable. I'm SO glad to see your husband's home, and that your writing efforts are on track.

  5. Good luck - you can do it!!


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