Friday, June 29, 2007

Setting the World Right Again

Last night I stayed home from the hospital. I needed to. I didn't exactly want to leave my husband there all alone, but for my sanity and my health, I had to stay home.

I got a request for a full on my manuscript, and I need to make a few more changes before I send it in. I'm pretty happy with the majority of it, but since I had to rework the ending, there's some stuff that must be fixed. And while it was an awesome email to receive (this agent requested a partial first and now wants the full), it's just one more thing I need to do.

Fortunately, I'm happy to do this task! It sure does beat being on the phone with the VA or the bank or whoever else to try and figure out all the upcoming financial stuff.

So last night, with hubby's blessing, my daughter and I stayed home and I cracked open the dusty Word document and set to work. At first, it was tough going. But after I said a little prayer, I dived right in.

Ah...bliss. I can't wait to get back to it.

Hubby Update

Hubby is still in the hospital - and will be until Monday, at the least. His arm is slowly, but surely getting better. The swelling has gone down quite a bit, although the blistering still looks nasty. But I can definitely see an improvement.

Since it will be another long weekend at the hospital, it looks like I'll be bringing my laptop and working!

Hope you all have a very productive weekend, whatever you may be doing. :-)


  1. Melissa, congrats on the agent asking for a full. What great news! That kind of makes up for some of the other stuff, huh? Best of luck with it.

  2. Congrats on the agent thing! I too say best of luck and continue to pull for the hubby!

  3. Michelle11:10 AM

    Hooray on the full request! And fingers crossed that the VA comes through for your husband and that he recovers quickly. :)

  4. Devon Ellington11:35 AM

    Congrats on the request for the full manuscript! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    And I'm sending you plenty of good thoughts that hubby gets well soon.

  5. Congrats on the req for a full!! That's gotta make your day even in the midst of all the mess. I hope your hubby's arm gets back to normal soon. How the heck did he pick up staph in his arm?! Poor guy! :(

    But hey, A FULL!!! WOO!!!

  6. Best wishes on your request! And continued well wishes for your dh.

  7. Gosh, Melissa, what a surprise this all was to read, after being away for a week!

    I'm so pleased to hear about your ms request and hope it leads to ever better things!

    More importantly, I'm glad your husband is improving. I know how stressful and exhausting this kind of thing can be. Hope the VA stuff comes through for you. Keep us posted.


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