Saturday, June 02, 2007

Weekend Fun

It's been a relaxing weekend, made even more so by the fact that I took a vacation day on Friday. I was to the point of either doing that or literally exploding at work from all the stress. Not good.

I've been writing, went for a long walk with my dog and got caught in the rain, cuddled the kitties, cleaned the house, ordered a few classic movies on DVD, and hubby took me out for lunch today. Yeah, it's a good weekend.

Ordering my movies (and justifying the cost) made me think about hobbies. So tell me. What are your hobbies?

Here's mine.

1) Collecting Snoopy stuff (although I've cut back drastically on this due to crowded curio cabinets!)

2) Watching and collecting classic movies - usually anything from the 1930's until the late 1960's.

3) Collecting books.

4) Reading.

5) Listening to music.

6) Spending time with the family!

7) Geneology - mostly of the Italian side at this point.

That's about it. I used to be a lot more interesting - I did a lot of arts and crafts like rubber stamping, collaging, and drawing. But I had to cut a lot of that stuff out to get more writing done. And funny - I don't miss it too much!

Your turn!


  1. I collect polar bears, though I try to keep it on the DL these days. I'm still single and I don't want to scare potentials away :)

  2. Sounds like a perfect long weekend to me :) Just what you needed.

    Re: hobbies. Mine include:

    1) reading and collecting books (there's a surprise)

    2) gardening

    3) knitting

    4) genealogy (though I have to be careful, as I can get completely obsessed)

    5) watching hockey

    6) surfing the net *g*

  3. Walking my dog, collecting anything and everything art deco, watercolor painting, knitting sweaters and hanging out with friends.


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