Monday, June 11, 2007


It was an interesting weekend.

Saturday morning there was the fire and subsequent destruction of my church. (new pictures)

Saturday evening I played darts with hubby and worked on characterization for the main character in my new novel.

Sunday there was the headache that would not go away and a viewing of The Godfather. (Yes, me, being an Italian, had never seen this before. Go figure!)

And then I took my dog for a walk down a few blocks to see the ruins of the church. I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried. One wall has already been demolished. Yes, it's just a building. But then again it's not just a building. To me, it's a holy place, one that cradled people in their grief, their happiness, their joy, and their sorrow. And now it's gone.

But we shall persevere.

Today, it's Monday, the start of a new week. The kids were still sprawled out on the living room floor when I left, and the babysitter will have a few hours to herself before they wake up. The kitties are already hard at play and the sink that once was free of dirty dishes is now full again.

Yup, life goes on.


  1. Wow, those photos are heartbreaking. Hoping the Godfather cured your headache :)

  2. How did you like the Godfather? Now you've gotta see Godfather II and III. Al Pacino and the young Robert DeNiro just rock.

  3. Yup, life goes on.

    My in-laws had to take the family dog into the vet for the last time on Friday :( She was 13.5, so a good age, but still - very sad. Yet, as you so rightly point out, life continues, no matter how sad we are.

    Glad you found things to do to help you through - and no shame at all for crying when you saw the church. I can totally relate.

  4. So sorry to hear your church burned down. Those are some amazing photos of a truly devasting fire. It looked like it was a beautiful church, too. The ornate designs of those old buildings can't be beat. Here's hoping things fall into place soon so your congregation can rebuild.

  5. Marty - well, the headache DID go away after I watched the movie, but that could have been due to the dark chocolate. ;-)

    Betty - I liked it and we do have Parts 2 and 3 on DVD, but you have to be in the mood to watch it. The whole horse head in the bed scene kinda grossed me out, but at least I was prepared for it.

    Tess - Aw, I'm so sorry about the family dog. My mom had to do that with one of her dogs - he was her absolute best friend, but he just didn't have a good quality of life anymore.

  6. Diana - Yes, it was a beautiful building and I shall miss it a great deal. But I am confident in God's plan for our lives. :-)

  7. I've never seen The Godfather either. One of these days...

    Hang in there. "We shall persevere." You're absolutely right. All in God's time.

  8. Michelle Willingham4:19 PM

    Heartwrenching photos. But, as you said, a church is the people not the building. Perhaps everyone will come closer together as a result. Hugs!

  9. Anissa - It's worth watching. Now we'll see how Parts I&II measure up. And yes - all in God's time. I have co constantly remember, "His time, not mine."

    Michelle - The photos are almost surreal. And I've seen a lot of bonding in the past few days. It's a strong membership and I have a feeling we'll be just fine.


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