Friday, June 22, 2007

Lack of Motivation = Too Much Chocolate

I feel so unproductive where my writing is concerned that I want to curl up into a ball with an entire sack of Dove Dark Chocolate or maybe even Godiva Dark Chocolate. I'll take either. (My dog Missy, left, portrays exactly how I feel.)
I'm mentally exhausted from too much stuff going on at work and at home. Thing is, writing is my escape from all that. But I haven't taken advantage of it lately because, well, here's the thing - it feels like work right now.

I wonder if I've hit burn-out central and this is my mind's way of telling me to just go read a good book for a few weeks, watch a bunch of movies, and let my brain rejuvenate.

I don't know if I like that prospect, though. I'd rather be writing.
Then why can I muster absolutely no enthusiasm for it right now? Perhaps the depression hasn't completely gone away. I no longer feel so negative and dark about life, but I'm not exactly the perkiest person to be around, either. I haven't been getting to sleep at a decent hour for the past two weeks, and I'm hitting the snooze button a little too often.

For now, I'm going to blame my lack of energy, motivation, and drive on the hot summer sun. I am not a summer person and I loathe heat. I can't stand to be hot. It makes me unbearable to live with. I usually hole up in the basement where it's nice and cool (and ironically, is freezing in the winter).

Maybe I'm just tired. I've only hit Curves three times in the past two weeks. My lack of exercise could definitely have something to do with it.

At least it's Friday. That already makes me feel better!


  1. I recommend exercise, a good book, and a little chocolate...I've felt that way, and I try not to give myself a hard time for not writing for a bit. We beat ourselves up enough--recharge and you'll want to get the words out again.

  2. Yup, it sounds like you need to recharge. Or work on something you're very enthusiastic about. Fresh air, exercise, chocolate, good book/movie.

  3. If you'd like, you could send some of the hot summer sun my way. WE could use some.

    I love the pix of your dog. Funny how they'll go thru the trouble of crawling up onto the table to sleep!

  4. Marty - you're right, we do beat ourselves up enough without adding to the mix. Thanks for the reminder - I sometimes need to hear that!

    Diane - Oddly enough, I was thinking about my story last night and had another great idea. I'm feeling more excited about it this morning.

    Kelly - We call the picnic table her "perch." She is always on it. Cracks me up.

  5. Yeah, sun this way, please (it's pouring rain here again this morning).

    Recharging from time to time is normal - and yeah, I find if I don't exercise as much I feel sluggish. We're trying now to go for a walk at least once a day, if nothing else.

  6. When I feel the way you described, I slow everything waaaay down. I try to keep to my routine but-- one thing at a time, for shorter periods, with frequent breaks. Sometimes that's all you can do, until the passage of time makes things feel better.

    It will happen! *hugs*

  7. Aw Melissa (((hugs))).

    You need to take some quiet time and do nothing. Grab your dark chocolate, grab a book or a favorite movie and just veg out.

    I hope you have a good weekend and stay cool! It's so hot here, I feel your pain...


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