Thursday, June 28, 2007


The last photo cracks me up. This poor cat doesn't look like he's being forced to wear that silly beanie, does he? LOL

Not a lot of energy to post, so thought you might enjoy some of my photos that I just now downloaded from my camera!


  1. Fun shots! Thanks for sharing. Cats can take a lot, can't they? Which church did you photograph? Is that your church that recently burned down? It's a beautiful building.

  2. Very cute photos! I don't think either of my cats would let me put a beannie on them. Well, I could try, but it wouldn't remain on for long. :)

  3. Diana -
    Yes, that's our church. It's been completely demolished and there's nothing but a layer of dirt where it used to stand. Since I live just down the street, I've been able to watch the transformation. It's rather sad.

  4. Betty -
    I'm surprised at how this cat just sat there and didn't seem to mind at all! Only when we were trying to get his picture did he raise a fuss.

  5. Great pics!!

    The cat your daughter is holding looks a lot like my Chloe :) And I believe she'd be similarly unimpressed if a beanie was placed on her head *g*.

  6. Oh my gosh! Melissa. I've have my head buried in revisions and just read about your husband. You are all in my prayers. Hang in there, sweetie. :)

  7. Tess - My other kitty, Gretchen, had a completely different reaction to the beanie. She tossed it off her head then proceeded to play with it. Slick is just weird, I guess. ;-)

    Toni - DEFINITELY cute! ;-)

    Anissa - Thank you for your prayers! They are greatly appreciated. :-)

  8. the beanie pix!


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