Thursday, June 21, 2007


The thoughts are jumbled this morning. Even after two Diet Pepsi's! No chocolate yet...maybe that's the problem!
So for a completely different topic, tell me what your favorite newspaper cartoon is. I'm partial to Pearls Before Swine (above), but I also enjoy Garfield and Peanuts.


  1. I like "Family Circus." It's the only one that always makes me smile, sometimes laugh out loud. :)

  2. Betty - I enjoy the simplicity of Family Circus. In fact, I always try and leave that one for last because I know it will leave a smile on my face. :-)

  3. I always liked Marmaduke (or however it's spelled.) And I found something new at Target yesterday...Diet Pepsi Max. Double the caffeine. ;)

  4. Mine is For Better or For Worse, by Lynne Johnston - she's Canadian. Do you get it down there? I also loved Foxtrot, and, of course, The Far Side :)


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