Thursday, February 08, 2007


Around 9:55 p.m. last night, we heard a car spinning its wheels. My first thought was that someone was stuck, even though we only got about an inch of snow yesterday. But as hubby went outside to investigate, we found something quite astonishing.

There was a truck on our lawn spinning his wheels and doing cookies. When hubby yelled at the driver, the truck then proceeded to knock over our mailbox. Now we've had our mailbox knocked over before, and our intrepid neighbor rigged it up so that our mailboxes would be on a concrete stand and thus inflict a bit of damage on any vehicle that decided to run into it. We haven't had any problems with it - until last night.

Of course, the culprits drove off before we could get a license plate. Hubby went after them to see if he could at least find the vehicle and get the license plate. It turns out that ours wasn't the only lawn they were messing with in the neighborhood. Hubby never did see them again, but he's keeping his eyes open.

It just floors me how idiotic people can be. I'm pretty sure the driver was probably drunk or high on something. It takes a lot of guts - I call it liquid courage - to do that kind of stuff while the homeowner is standing there watching.

On the writing front, I took the night off. I finished reading my book and my daughter asked me if I wanted to do a "fun activity." LOL! I said of course and so we started coloring and drawing. She was a tired girl last night, though, and sort of mixed her metaphors when she said, "I'm so tired I could eat a whole elephant!" Ha!

Have a good Thursday...


  1. What a yobo!! Hope your lawn didn't suffer too much.

    LOL re your daughter - VERY cute :-)

  2. Melissa, that's horrible! I hope those people get caught.

  3. That is crazy! And yes, people are so lame it's ridiculous.

    Hope the vandals get caught.

  4. Could've been kids joyriding after nicking said truck. How annoying, though. Selfish gits.

  5. I was thinking along the same lines as Diane "or teenagers out for a joyride".

    At least you saw them and didn't wake up with mysterious blood crop circles. *gg*

    I'm glad you got to do a "fun activity". She's a cutie.

    Ahem, I think I've eaten an whole elephant. LOL

  6. Someone will catch them--these idiots always tell on themselves. I would like to do a fun activity, too!


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