Monday, February 26, 2007

Successful Weekend

I spent a lot of time doing exactly what Snoopy is doing on the cover of this book - I'd write a few words, get up and pace, sit down and write a few more. Guess that's how I work when I edit. I need to get everything straightened out in my head and can't lose myself in "flow" at this stage of the game. I'm thinking it shouldn't take me too much longer to finish editing the manuscript - the first half is the part that needed the most work, but I'm pretty pleased with the second half.
I also didn't leave the house all weekend. I know that sounds a bit strange, but when you're gone every single day for work, the weekend is the perfect time to just kick back and relax. I worked on my novel both Saturday and Sunday and got quite a bit accomplished.
Saturday we got hit with the snow storm. First it was a thunderstorm - yes, a thunderstorm with lots of rain and thunder. It rained all day long and then about 6 p.m., the rain turned to snow. Thick, wet flakes, and lots of 'em. But the absolute strangest thing happened about an hour after it had started snowing. I was watching the snow fall outside and then there was this huge lightning flash and then a giant clap of thunder. I have lived in Nebraska my entire life and I'm used to weird weather. But this was just bizarre. Lightning while it's snowing outside?
I'm continuing my own personal study of the writing craft with a book called Creating Character Emotions. Can't wait to dive into it.


  1. Well I love what Snoopy's written so far! It was a dark and stormy night... hmm...sounds oddly familiar!

  2. Kelly - LOL! I'm trying to think who first wrote these words - I think it was a Sir Lytton or something like that. They actually have a contest every year to see who can write the worst first line.

  3. Snow and lightening? That is just weird!

  4. Yeah, we had some snow and lightning, too, but then the snow stopped. We barely got an inch, thank goodness! I'm ready for spring.

  5. Yes, I do a lot of pacing when I edit, too. Don't rush the edit-- it's an important process. It sounds like it's going well, though, AND it's enjoyable -- always a good sign.

    Remember, once you're done, to put it aside for a few weeks and then re-read it again before starting the submission process.

  6. Dh and I watched the weather, and he called it "thunder snow." I had never heard this term before. :)


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