Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Absolutely Wonderful Husband

Yes, I'm gushing. Why? Because when I showed up to work this morning, I had a wonderful surprise. A huge Snoopy-Lucy ballooon, a musical card, and a dozen roses!

Hubby completely surprised me. He'd said that he would try to take me to lunch today if he could get away from work, so I wasn't expecting anything. But he left early this morning to take the kids to school and hand-delivered my presents to work before I got here. What a sweetheart! I was completely blown away.

Yeah, I really love that guy. And he's not just romantic on Valentine's Day. When I received two rejections on Friday, I called him and was upset. I know rejection is part of the game, but I just needed a moment to vent. And what does he do? He shows up with a bouquet of flowers and a paperback novel. Wow.

Despite our problems in the past, we've stayed together, worked through them, and are now stronger than ever. And why? Because we honestly and truly love each other - we love to spend time together, we love to laugh and talk, and be with each other. And more importantly, we celebrate Valentine's Day every day.


  1. Wow - he sounds like a keeper. And so are you. No wonder you've worked so hard to make your marriage work :-)

    And what a lovely Valentine surprise! Though I think what he did last Friday was even more romantic.

  2. Tess - I'd have to agree with you on it being more romantic last Friday! It was such a wonderful, unexpected surprise - and very much appreciated!

  3. Any guy who knows enough to show up with a paperback novel to cheer you up is definitely a keeper!

  4. Awwwwww -- what a wonderful Valentine's Day story, Melissa. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Congrats!!! Awesome. Can you email me, I need to chat with you about that marriage article ;-)


  6. What a sweet hubbie you've got! And making it through tough times certainly does take talking and laughing and deeply liking each other, doesn't it. Good for you.

  7. awwwww I want to marry him too,(jk) he should write a book and send it to my husband lol

  8. That's the kind of "making it work with love" that gives everyone else hope. Good for the two of you!

  9. That is one loving, thoughtful hubby you have there :-).

    Loads of hugs on the Rs.
    Sue :-)


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