Friday, March 10, 2006

What are you doing this weekend?

It's Friday and the atmosphere at the office is pretty much, well, Friday-ish.

Since I'm not in a frame of mind to come up with anything close to philosophical, I just thought I'd list what I'm doing over the weekend.

1) Installing my new washer and dryer (well, new to me, but they're not new, but used)

2) Decorating my apartment with all my family photos, etc., etc.

3) Buying a vacuum.

4) Going out on a date with hubby on Saturday night to discuss things.


Have a great weekend, everyone!!!


  1. Hmm, let's see.

    A friend is coming over this evening to look at the books I'm giving away - we'll probably chat for a while afterwards.

    Tomorrow I'm going to blog/write/read - I have a book to finish for a review due next Wed. I seriously want to get my plot straightened out - am resorting to a huge pad of paper and my purple Sharpie *g*.

    Sunday I'll write some more, then go shopping - my mum's coming for dinner, then we're going to watch P&P3 - I picked up the DVD last week.

    Guess at some point I'd better clean as well *g*.

    And now, must dash. The kitten has just realized I've closed the basement door and she wants in to be with me. It's really windy out and the wee mite is a tad scared. Such is the life of a cat mummy!

    Hope you get some writing done AND that you and your dh are able to make some headway on your Saturday night date.

  2. We're heading out with the kids to see that human body exhibit, Body Works. Then dinner afterwards. I know my appetite won't be affected. ;)

  3. Tess - Sounds like a full weekend! Have fun!

    Jason - I don't know if I'd be able to eat after THAT exhibit! Of course, if you eat BEFORE, you might be tossing your cookies at the museum!

  4. Oh Jason, how cool. My son saw it twice last year when he was in 3rd grade and loved it.

    Umm...well, we are supposed to start a baseball game at 8 a.m. It isn't raining but it could start at any minute, so I'm watching the forecast. We have a dinosaur museum at the boarding school that is having a kids' day so I'm going to take the kids there. I think dh has to work, he'll probably go in the office on Sunday. Oh yeah, dh wants to buy a new sport coat, so we might go and do that too.

    Look for me on Sunday.

  5. Looks like you have a full weekend planned! I'll be praying for your date with hubby. Never hurts.

    Last night we had dinner with the in-laws, today we're deep cleaning (my kids cringe when I say this! hehe), then tonight we have a Police Ball to go to (what to wear!?), tomorrow church, then the girls have a birthday part to go to. Sunday night I may break my rule and start writing again. I said I'd take a vacation after frying my brain this week, but I'm addicited! I can't stay away from it! hehehe

  6. Enjoy your weekend. Man, vacuum cleaner shopping. Wow. :)

    I'm going to go shingle a shed now. :)

  7. Last time we bought a vacuum cleaner the check out person in a certain HUGE chain forgot to charge us for it. We didn't notice till we got home and I confess we decided they could afford it!

    What can I say--I'm BAD!

    Have a good date--I hope you can sort yourself out so you're happy.

  8. Sleeping, medicating, then sleeping some more. I have a lot to catch up on.

  9. Saturday was my nephew's birthday and then later that night I went to a basketball game with my brother. I had planned on spending Sunday working on my presentation for our next chapter meeting, but I had such a rip roaring headache I was out of commission for most of the day and spent the rest of it getting my spare room which became a catch all cleaned out and organized, hung some pictures, did laundry, vacuumed and got my tax receipts sorted out for my Dad to do my taxes (please don't let me owe money...please don't let me know money...) and then ate supper up at the parents.

  10. OMG, me, I had the flu. Flat on my back, barely conscious... Haven't been that sick in awhile. I still feel like I've been beaten by a bat.

    I did however manage to get some good edits done yesterday. Should've been sleeping, but hey, the muse wouldn't shut up.

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