Tuesday, March 28, 2006

One Page

That's how much I wrote last night. In my defense, it was single-spaced. ;-)

Thankfully, I took a shower before I finished the scene, otherwise I would have veered off into dangerous territory. Isn't it funny how thoughts hit you while you're doing mundane things? I've come up with some great ideas in the shower - I've heard of other writers doing the same. Last night I knew I had a problem with the scene I was working on. And just as I turned off the water, the solution hit me - maybe it was helped by the cold air - but I knew I couldn't travel down this particular road in my manuscript.

As I was madly typing away, hubby called. As I told him about the retribution I had planned for my villain, I heard a big sigh on the other end of the line.

"What?" I said, somewhat defensively.

"Well, that's so...typical."

"Typical?" I shouted. Ok, maybe not shouted, but my voice definitely raised an octave.

"Now don't get upset. You asked for my opinion."

"Yeah, I did," I grumbled. "Ok, tell me what your idea is."

"Well, it's gotta be full of action! Y'know, the hero confronts the villain, there's a big fight, and the villain doesn't just give up like a wuss. No...he has to keep fighting!"

"Um, do you want the villain to win?"

"Well, no."

"Then why can't I do it my way?"

Another long sigh. "Well, your way is...boring."

"BORING?" (Yes, I shouted this time.)

"Hey, it's your book!"

So now I've thought about how I've planned the villain's demise, and I wonder if it has enough action to entertain the hubby. Maybe I'll throw in a good fight scene just for him. ;-)


  1. I laughed when I read this. Not at you of course, but in complete sympathy. I've gone through the same thing with hubby. It's difficult for them to understand the cycles and rigors of writing. I keep getting, "You're changing it again?!" lol So, I've learned something through all this. I don't talk about it anymore. I think when you're a writer, you need to talk about your writing, so I get that on my Blog and reading other writer's blogs, but I don't discuss my plot or what I'm working on at all. People always have input and maybe that's not the best. I will save it for when my manuscript is done, then they can read it and give me all the input they want. :-)

    One page? Hey, that's great. It's one page more than you had yesterday. *grin*

  2. I'm with Bren - a page is a start. Great walks begin with little steps. (and that's before my coffee - think how profound I could be if I were awake *g*)

    As for the other ... grrrrr. If he's wrong then ignore him, but sometimes "they" say something right. But don't change anything based on just what one person says - change it if you re-read what you've done and decided that maybe they have a point. No, strike the "maybe". Change it if you decided that they DO have a point.

  3. I have so many waterlogged notebooks it isn't funny. My best ideas always seem to come when I'm soaking in the tub. One of these days I"ll remember to dry my arm off before I start writing like mad.

    As for hubby's idea, I would stick with your own instincts. These are your characters, your story, and you're the writer. You'll know the best way to accomplish what you need to.

  4. My next novel (well, actually a series) hit me while driving through the mountains. So cool! I'm very finicky about story ideas, so having a novel plot just jump off the pavement into my head was huge. I definitely wrote notes later. (In the tub, by the way, Kelly.)

  5. You know you can get waterproof paper? I used to use it in the field. Trouble with fish being aquatic :)

    1 page is good!! Maybe hubby has a point--IF you want action. If you don't then he doesn't :) You know your own story!!

  6. There's a lot of "one page" going around, believe me. Maybe it's the weather or water or something. My entire crit group is struggling to JUST get out a page in a day lol.

    Oh and uhm well I'd probably agree with the hubby *g* I like action!

  7. I get ideas in the shower too. I always credited the steam with clearing out my brain, as well as my sinuses.

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