Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mission: Write

The cupboards are stocked with food. The house is relatively clean. The laundry is done (although not folded).

It's time to write.

It's amazing how I can be away from my novel for a few days and start to feel withdrawel symptoms. But yet, once I sit down at the keyboard, I fear that the old "brick wall syndrome" will emerge.

I'm determined to fight it tonight. In fact, I'm determined to just sit down and let the words flow.


  1. Good luck on the writing. I hope you get lots written. I won't be able to do much until later this evening, but hopefully I'll get some time. Now that the weather is good I have other things competing for my time. :-)

  2. It's always good to read your posts, Melissa.

    They are brilliant and they make me laugh (at the appropriate moments).

    I hope you are well. As I said before, your writings compel me to do the same.


  3. Good luck!! I hope that brickwall is GONE!!!

  4. Sometimes I think we do the brickwall to ourselves by expecting it to be there - sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Keep batting at it, there's gonna be a weak point somewhere. Good Luck!

  5. Hope you got some good writing done :) And have a great weekend!

  6. Good job, Melissa. I think determination and perserverence kick the muse's butt any day of the week. Heck if I waited for my muse to wake up I'd probably never get anything done...

  7. In the words of my hubby, "Let it flow..."


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