Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's Snowing in March

But that's not all that unusual for Nebraska.

It's a beautiful snow - very wet with thick flakes. I'm looking out my window as I type this and the branches of the pine trees are loaded down with snow. We desperately need the moisture and we've barely had any snow this winter, so I don't really mind. Besides, I have no plans to leave the house today. :-)

We're forecasted to get blasted through tomorrow. Unfortunately, it's spring break for the schools around here, so a snow day isn't in the cards. Unless it's bad enough that the daycare closes - then I can stay home!

Worked on the novel yesterday and plan to do so again today - in fact, I've got my laptop set up right next to my desktop. Kind of a weird system, but hey, it works. :-)


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