Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm Going to RWA National

I just registered for RWA's National Conference yesterday. The money came through (via hubby - thank you!!!) and now I just have to save for my plane ticket and hotel fees. I'll be sharing a room with two other gals from my chapter, saving me even more money.

I am so excited! I have tried and tried to go to this conference every year, but finances always seemed to get in the way. This year, I was really worried the whole marriage implosion would further affect my chances to go. But it looks like I will be traveling to Atlanta in July. And remember that dress I wore for hubby's Christmas party? It will be perfect for the RITA Awards!!! (Unless, of course, I keep losing the weight. Then I'll either have to get it re-sized or go shopping again!)

I'm sure I'll be asking those of you who have been to RWA conference some questions and I'll also look forward to meeting some fellow bloggers who plan to attend this year!

I did manage to make a bit of progress on my plot problems last night. I love how it continues to stew in my brain while I'm doing other tasks. This morning, as I got into the car after dropping off my daughter at daycare, another intriguing idea hit me that I might be able to use.

It's Thursday - one more day until Friday, the best day of the week. I hope I can get a lot accomplished on the writing front this weekend.


  1. That is totally awesome!!! They're supposed to be here in Dallas next year (at least last time I checked), so since I don't belong (can't afford it - really can't afford it) I'm hoping to go to the booksigning night. I am envious.

  2. I'm so jealous. I'd love to go but it isn't going to happen. DH has decided we will do the big family vacation this year.

  3. Eve - RWA is expensive, that's for sure. But even if you get to go to just the booksigning, I know you'd still have a blast!

    Rene - When the kiddos get a bit older, you'll make it, I'm sure of it.

  4. Melissa--I hope you have a great time!!! I went last year and the best thing was meeting Meretta & Loreth. My CP Kendra Clarke is giving a class this year. I'm excited for you :) Any advice required just ask!!!

  5. I'm going too- and this will be my first time! I'll look forward to seeing you and everyone else. And congrats on the small pants too. I love when that happens.

  6. There you go! The idea fairies visited. Very cool!

    Glad you can make it to conference this year.

  7. I'm so happy you're able to go! I wish I was in the same boat, but sadly the money fairies did not visit my neck of the woods. Next year for sure though. I decided this year needed to be spent paying things down.

  8. The only way I'm going is by winning a contest. Which I should find out tomorrow. Hubby said if I win, he'll cough up the air and hotel. Sweet huh?

    Next year I am SO there. I have an aunt who lives in Dallas, so hotel will be cheap! hehe

    Then RT is going to be in Houston next year. I can't miss that one if it's gonna be this close, now can I?

    58 days until RT this year in Daytona... an I'm going!!!

  9. Yay! You'll have a blast! I hope to meet you there. :)

  10. Toni - I'll probably be asking you for advice, so be prepared! :-)

    Eileen - Can't wait to meet you!

    Jason - the idea fairies need to visit a little more often! LOL

    Kelly - boy, do I know what you mean with the finances - I was sure I wouldn't be able to make it this year again after the whole marriage blow-up, but thank goodness hubby is helping me out. Hope you can come next year!

    Dana - I hope you win, then I'll get to meet you!!!

    Amy - Can't wait to meet you, too!

  11. Anytime (a one time vet :D)

  12. I'll see you there! :)

  13. Hey, Michelle, I look forward to meeting you!!!

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