Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Will You Ever Retire?

I just read an article about the famous mystery novelist, Lilian Jackson Braun, author of The Cat Who books, who recently passed away. She was 97 years old. She was still writing up until 2007 when she retired. That means she was still writing at the age of 93.

Think about that for a minute.

93 years old and still writing.

To me, this signifies that writing wasn't just a job for her - it was a way of life.

Writing is the same for me.

If I am blessed enough to live until I'm 93 and if my health allows it, I can pretty much guarantee I'll still be writing.

I don't plan on retiring from it. Why? Because if I retire from writing, I'll also be retiring from life. And who wants that?

Not me.


  1. OMG! Lillian Jackson Braun passed away? I hadn't heard. She was one of my favorite authors. I didn't realize she was that old! She led a full life indeed.

    If something you love doing turns into a way of making a living, the money part is just a bonus. It's doing what you enjoy that counts. Why would anyone want to retire from doing something they love?

  2. You said it best ... Retiring from writing is retiring from life. I don't see that happening either. In some way, shape or form, those words will still be flowing ...

  3. Retiring from writing is retiring from life...Love this, b/c is so true. I would add, retiring from writing is also retiring from thinking deeply about things that matter.

  4. I heartily agree-that retiring from one's passion would be like retiring from life. And what would be the point then. I wonder if part of the reason Lilian Jackson Braun lived to be 97 was that she didn't quit writing.

    Great post Melissa:)

  5. Nope, I'm never going to forsake my pen and paper!

    God said, that settles it:)

  6. Betsy - I have never read one of her books. So I popped over to the library today and snatched up her first one! And well said - I know I certainly don't want to retire from doing what I love! Maybe a vacation once in awhile, though...LOL.

    Joanne - Glad to hear it, Joanne. You are truly gifted with words and the world would NOT be as wonderful without them!

    Christine - Good addition. I love the intellectual process of writing, of really turning thoughts around and examining them from every angle.

    Valerie - I think you got it exactly right! Makes you wonder, though, if those tortured writers (like Sylvia Plath) who did themselves in early really loved what they were doing...hmm. Food for thought.

    Tamika - Amen!

  7. One of the things I love best about writing is that you are never too old to do it! :)

    I hope I still love writing as much when I'm that old... I hope I get to be that old. :) Whatever I'm doing, though, I know it will be something I love.

  8. I hope that I'm still writing years and years from now.

  9. Heidi - That is my hope, too, that my love of writing doesn't dissipate a single bit.

    Patti - I hope so, too!

  10. Count me in--that's the beauty of being a writer--no one can force us to retire.

  11. Terri - Yep! One of the great things about it!

  12. That is AWESOME.

    I SO hope to be that age and still writing.


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