Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flyby Update

My apologies if I haven't been by your blog lately. This week has been a bit of a whirlwind.

But it's a good whirlwind.

I can now say that my daughter and I are the reigning champions of horseshoes. We've defeated my stepsons in two games of horseshoes now. Will we be able to keep that crown? Guess we'll see...

It's been a lot of fun having the boys here. We sit around and talk, reminisce, play games, watch movies, and hang out. Last night they went to the batting cages with my brother and then we sat on the front step and watched my daughter catch fireflies. That, my friends, is the definition of summer!

I haven't done any writing on the novel since Sunday, but that's perfectly ok. Spending time with the kids is more important right now.

Posting will be sporadic for awhile since the 4th of July weekend is coming up, and it will be filled with lots and lots of family time, a wedding, softball games, fireworks, and, of course, food!


  1. Melissa, things like watching fireflies, and playing horseshoes, and spending time with family is to me what the "good life" is all about. And I bet this time spent with the ones you love will give you so much renewed energy for your writing that your computer keys will catch fire next time you write!
    Love you, my friend:)

  2. I wish we had fireflies here. I saw them when I was a kid on a family visit back East and I thought they were magical!

    Enjoy your family and holiday time! :)

  3. Just for the record I am the horseshoe king.

  4. What a fun read. I can just picture you playing horseshoes and watching fireflies together. Enjoy your precious family!


  5. Valerie - Aww, you're so sweet. It's been such a blessing to have them here and to enjoy these lazy summer days!

    Christine - Fireflies or "lightning bugs" as we sometimes call them, really are magical! The way they light up everyone's lawns at night is just amazing.

    Travis - I believe you!

    Linda - It's been wonderful!

  6. I like the pics of your boys below. I can't believe how grownup they are either! Time flies...

    Happy 4th! Hope your weekend is delightful. :)

  7. Thanks, Rebecca! Hope your weekend is wonderful, too!!!

  8. I love your definition of summer! Here, here!

  9. Fun! I want your weekend!

  10. Sounds like a nice slice of heaven! Happy Fourth to you all... :)))


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