Monday, June 20, 2011

An Experiment

I usually exercise after work, and although I don't enjoy it and sometimes dread it all day long, I've generally been successful in keeping a steady schedule.

This week, however, I am trying something different.

I'm exercising during my lunch hour.

Today was the first day to try out this new schedule, and I gotta say, I already love it. I eat lunch at work, head to Curves, get in my 30 minute work-out, head home to take a quick shower, then back to work, all in the space of my lunch hour.

Not only have I felt more awake this afternoon, but I also can head straight home from the office. No detouring to the gym and losing a precious hour of downtime, and no coming up with a million excuses not to go work out.

We'll see how the experiment goes in the coming weeks. But I think I've hit upon a winner.

Do you have a certain time of the day you prefer to exercise? And if you're not exercising, get up and move! Your body - and your writing - will thank you for it!


  1. That's neat! I hope that really works out. Sounds like a great schedule to me.

    I take kickboxing classes in the evening, and I try to walk my dog every day. In summer that's problematic, though, because it's just too hot for him. So I have to get up early to take him for a walk before work, or take him in the evening, but the KB classes fall over the perfect walking time, and I don't like walking him in my neighborhood at night.

  2. I'm a walker and walk anywhere and any time I can. I agree with you, to get up and move! When I miss a few days, I feel it in several ways. Happy exercising :)

  3. DK - I love to walk and I usually go in the evenings, but I knew I wouldn't do it when the terrible summer temps hit. So I decided to try this. :-)

    Joanne - I am the same. If I don't exercise for a few days, I feel miserable!

  4. Melissa, I'm a walker too-and my best time is first thing in the morning when it's cool and there aren't many people out who will see my "bed head!" LOL!

    I also find that if I sit around instead of exercising I just feel sluggish and stiff.

    Good luck with your lunch hour workout-it sounds like a winner to me too:)

  5. Interesting! I like the way that sounds. Always wanted to do it on my lunch hour for all those reasons, but the shower at home is too far away for me to get to in the hour and a half I have for lunch. =( But might be worth it to push my time, and try it! Right now I get up early to work out and I gotta say, I hate that too but I feel good all day! But...waking up early is the pits...

  6. If I don't exercise before 10am it just doesn't seem to happen, unless I'm playing soccer that night. And I only get a half hour for lunch so exercising at lunch is out for me. Hope it's a success for you.

  7. Valerie - It's amazing how well our body communicates with us - when we need exercise, it tells us by feeling sluggish and yucky. I remember feeling that way for a long time and the doctors just prescribed pills - but all I needed was to start faithfully exercising.

    Colene - I wish I were more of a morning person. I'd go work-out early and THEN go to work. I love early mornings, too, but just can't get my body wake up before
    7. :-)

    Patti - Oh, a half hour lunch break is rough! Hardly time to digest your food!

  8. Getting up and moving was a huge problem for me. Just couldn't get motivated. And then we got our German Shepherd. Now I'm walking/jogging 2 miles, 5 days week. My brain is still lazy, but my body is happier than it's been for...well, since the last time I was working out regularly. :)

    Working out at lunch is a win-win, I think. I can't do it at my job now, but I used to years ago. I bet you'll continue to love it!

  9. That's what I do and it makes it so much easier to get it done. It's too easy for me to talk myself out of it at the end of the workday!

  10. Christine - Yay! So glad your pup made you get up and move. *grin*

    Kelly - I'm the same. I have talked myself out of going to work-out too many times.

  11. Well done you. I keep meaning to book Zumba classes, but haven't done so yet.

  12. Debs - We have Zumba at our Curves, but I've never tried it. Looks kinda fun...


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