Monday, June 13, 2011

Randomness Part Deux

Aren't you the lucky ones? More random thoughts coming your way...

1) Oh, if the weather could only stay in the high 70s, I'd be a happy gal. Saturday and Sunday saw temperatures hovering right around 79 or 80 degrees with a lovely cool breeze. I threw every window in the house open that I could (i.e. those that aren't painted shut).

2) Kung Fu Panda 2 is brilliant. The plot was quite well-done. Yes, I paid $25 for my daughter, her two friends, and I to be able to say that. And let's not get into how much I paid for snacks. What movie theaters charge for popcorn and soda is outrageous.

3) When you take a walk and actually look at the surrounding landscape, you can find some beautiful things. My daughter and I took a walk Friday evening and picked some gorgeous wildflowers in a variety of colors: bright yellow, pale blue, dark pink, and even creamy white. Amazing what you can find in your own backyard.

4) Walking continues to be my main form of exercise, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Unfortunately, messed up hormones continue to make it almost impossible to shed any weight. This displeases me.

5) I have largely ignored getting sucked into controversial topics in the online political realm and am a much happier person. I think some people just like conflict, and deliberately antagonize people to produce more conflict. Ridiculous.

6) The temperature at work is never, and I mean never, a happy medium. When it's hot out, it's hot inside. When it's cold out, it's cold inside. I thought we had figured this particular problem out a long time ago - when it's hot out, you run the air conditioner. When it's cold out, you run the heater. Simple logic? Apparently not.

7) Camouflage tuxedos? Oh yes. You heard right. And my lucky husband gets to wear one for a family wedding he's in over the 4th of July. Pictures? Oh yes, I will be snapping them left and right. Not only is it rare to get my husband in a tux, but rarer still is the opportunity to capture him in a camouflage tux. Bwhahahahaha!

8) During my walk the other day, I ran into a lady with a dog that looked exactly like my Charlie Brown. I had to talk to her. She told me what a smart dog he was, showed me all the tricks he knew, then went on her way. Not a minute later, I saw another woman with a dog that looked exactly like my Charlie. My daughter and I determined that this was Charlie's way of telling us "hello", and then I cried. Yes, I still miss that dog desperately.

9) I may have to relinquish my "official lasagna maker" title. Yesterday, hubby went to early church service, and I went to the late service. By the time I got home, he had made lasagna and it was good. I mean really good. This does not displease me. The more he cooks, the more I have time to write. Ha! (I will gladly do the dishes, though...).

10) Speaking of writing, I spent lots of time on the novel this weekend. Glorious. I'm approaching the climax of the novel and as such, taking my time to make sure I get the pacing right. It's hard and frustrating, but completely worth it.

11) I went to a garage sale and bought a picture for my living room that will match exactly. How much did I pay? $2. How much did the original owner pay? $140. The price was actually marked on the back. Bargain? I think so.

12) The new kitty, who is not so new by now, has a death wish. He attacks my cat whenever he gets the chance despite my cat's warning growls and hisses. They wrestle on the floor, chase each other up and down the stairs, and smack each other with their paws. Remarkably, the little guy, as I call him, does not stop. He keeps hounding her, to the point where he stalks her, then leaps on her back and they both tumble to the floor. My cat isn't hurting's just a form of rough-housing, I guess. Will they eventually be best friends? I'm thinking no.

Here's the little guy, who is not so little anymore. He's just like a naughty toddler now.


  1. Melissa,
    I love this post-I mean I love all of your posts, but this is such a wonderful glimpse into your daily life.

    PLUS-I can't wait to see a picture of that tux:)


  2. I enjoyed this view into your life. I'm a walker too, and love it. I walk anywhere my two feet will take me, and love every step.

    And yay for your cooking arrangement. The more cooking someone else does, the better :)

  3. Valerie - I don't know if I'll be brave enough to share the pictures online or not...but I can email you one! LOL!!!

    Joanne - I love to walk, too. Just wish I could lose weight doing so!

  4. Loved your randomness. I was wondering about Kung Fu Panda and I never knew they made camflouge tuxes. That's crazy.

    I know what you mean about losing weight, it's an on going battle.

  5. Patti - There are days I get SO TIRED of thinking about my weight. I wish I could go back to my 20s when I ate whatever I wanted and never gained a thing. I don't even know what that's like anymore!

  6. Camouflage tux? you will have to report back on that one! ;-)

    Also, loving your blog wallpaper - how fabulous! ;-)

  7. Talei - Oh, I love this blog wallpaper, too! She's got great stuff on her site. And yeah, I'll report back on the camouflage tux for sure!

  8. Hi Melissa,
    I saw your comment on Talei's post, so I stopped in to say hi. Just started blogging five weeks ago and am looking for good blogs to follow. I, too, like your random list.
    I agree that the prices at the movies for snacks is outrageous. What really gets me is the price for bottled water!
    I never heard of camouflage tuxes before.
    My hubby likes to cook, too. It's great!
    Yay for you making such good progress with your novel.
    You got a great deal at that garage sale.
    And, last, your kitten is adorable!

  9. Wow, this is great! Where do I start?

    You are walking, that's terrific! I've been the laziest soul this year, have yet to get out and pound the cement. I really need to do this...

    The less I read about politics, the happier I am!

    My youngest made dinner last night and I cheerfully washed those dishes! Now if I can just get the hubby to make his yummy Thai beef every once in a while...

    Congrats on a writing spree! Wishing many well-placed words and appropriately-spaced climatic moments for you... :)))

  10. I really enjoyed this glimpse too--it's fun to see what blogger friends really are doing in real life:)

  11. LynNerd - Thanks so much for stopping by! :-) Will pop over to your place, too! And yeah, he is a little cutie, but is at the ornery toddler stage! ;-)

    Anna - Get those legs moving! LOL. Walking is such great exercise, and it has a way of calming my spirit. I think it's being surrounded by all of God's creativity!

    Terri - Thank you!

  12. Love this post! Especially #5. I quit visiting online political forums a while back and feel much better for it. Stupid me, I thought people went there to try to find common ground. Ha! You're right--some people just live to fight. Not for me.

    Dying to see pics of the camouflage tux when it happens. :)

  13. Christina - Common ground in politics is hard to find nowadays, 'tis true!

    I may have to email everyone pics of the tux...don't know if I'm brave enough to post it online and then have hubby find out!


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