Thursday, June 16, 2011

Slow Down

There are times I feel my bones itching.

Itching to get the novel done.

Itching to send out the query letter.

Itching to get published.


Chocolate does not always assuage this itch, and I have to do something a little more drastic. Writing in my journal helps. So does praying.

I must constantly remind myself that slowing down and enjoying the process is worth it.

We live in an age where we want everything now. But that's not always a good thing. Doing something well often takes time. And we must allow ourselves the time we need to do the best job possible.

I want to write the best book I can - every time. Each story demands it. As the creator, it's my job to honor that demand.

So yes, I could submit to the culture of "now" and whip out my novel as fast as possible. I could cut corners and skimp on the message. I could choose the "good enough" word instead of the "best" word. I could throw together a hackneyed plot. I could skim the surface of my characters instead of digging deep into their psyche.

I could.

But I won't.

Will you?
Learn a lesson from Kathryn: slow down (and take lots of naps).

Lesson for today: it's ok to slow down. It's ok to write slow. It's ok to mull over those words and dream about that plot. It's ok if you're not published tomorrow or next week or even next year.

Don't fall for the culture of "now." Set your own pace...and enjoy the process.


  1. Oh I know what mean! That temptation is always whispering at me! On the other hand, I can be a bit TOO much like your darling Kathryn :) I need a kick in the pants and deadlines to keep motivated. But no matter what, I will not rush into opportunities until I am feel like my writing has reach the level of quality (not perfection, but high quality) that I have set based on some of my favorite books. I agree with you, praying is so important too because ultimately I write for God's glory - I want His input on the matter!

  2. Um, I would like to take a nap WITH Kathryn, thank you very much. She's super cuddly!

  3. So true Melissa! It's about the journey as much as the destination, and if we are in a hurry, we might miss out on something good or better in our haste!

    And Kathryn is cute!!

  4. Kathryn definitely has the right idea. I think I'm going to have a 'step back and chill' day, well, after I've taken the dog to be clipped, which is always a traumatic experience for us both.

  5. First, belated birthday wishes! Hope you had a really love day.

    Slowing down is essential in this life, especially for the instant gratification culture that swirls around us. Only you know your heart and where you are being led. Follow that guidance; a beautiful, amazing process awaits!

    Naps are probably included. :)))

  6. I've fallen to that temptation a few times. Don't do it. Have patience. It will be worth it in the end.

  7. I agree. We should all take our time and do the best we can. It's far too easy to rush and cut corners.

    I'm taking a leaf out of Kathryn's book this weekend. I shall be chilling. :)

    Have a great weekend, Melissa!

  8. I get those itches all the time, too, but I work slow. Very, very slow. So slow, I really need to pick up the pace, but I do agree with you. We should write the best story we can and not rush it and put out substandard work.

  9. I never feel like I'm working fast enough, no matter how much I get done in a day. It seems to be part of the push-pull of the writing process...uncomfortable as it is sometimes, it does keep me moving forward. And I remind myself to enjoy the process!

  10. Excellent post daughter and a reflection of who you are!


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