Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why Blogging Rocks

I just got back from meeting Janna from the Something She Wrote blog. Although Janna has taken a blogging hiatus to focus on her writing, I still keep up with her on Facebook. When we discovered how close we lived to each other (within 3 hours) and that her grandmother lived only an hour away from me, we knew we'd have to get together at some point! This weekend we finally got to meet "in person."

What fun! We ate lunch at a small mom and pop cafe and sat and talked writing and life. Janna has a quiet, charming personality and she is such a caring, genuine person. I really enjoyed our time together. Talking to her was like talking to a friend I'd known for years!

Without blogging, I never would have met her. And since I've also met Diane and Shirley when I was in England last October, that's two more people I've been able to meet via blogging.

Even though the Internet can sometimes be intensly impersonal, it can also open doors to new friendships. I feel so blessed to have met Janna, Diane, and Shirley in person, and I look forward to meeting more of you!


  1. Melissa, that sounds Wonderful! I bet Janna was totally real as she is on her blog. :)

    I hope we get to meet IRL one day too.

  2. How fun! I'd love to meet so many of you all.

  3. I admit, I have loved the friendships I've formed through blogging. It is wonderful to connect with so many people who have so much in common. Someday, I'll get to meet you too, Melissa!

  4. It's lovely to meet new friends, especially ones who have the same interests.

    Glad you had such a great lunch.

  5. Way cool you got to meet Janna :)

    And yes, the internet is great for meeting people with whom you share common interests.

    Years ago I met up with someone from the old Prodigy Romance Writers Group (how's that for dating me internet-wise *g*) and we still exchange Christmas cards after meeting in person several times.

  6. I was able to meet Janna too, when she was in Florida. She's very nice. :-)

  7. Ooh! I agree! I've got to meet some awesome people online! i love blogging! And how exciting for you and Janna! That's so fun! Jenni

  8. Aw, thank you, Melissa! It was a grand meeting, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. You and I have a connection, we do. Best to you, dear!

  9. So glad you had a great time - just like we did when you came over to the UK. I agree; it's just wonderful to meeting blogging mates for real!

  10. Isn't it wonderful to meet "kindred spirits" as Anne of Green Gables always said, via the internet? And then get to meet them in person?


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