Monday, June 01, 2009

Bye, Bye, Jeep

My beloved Jeep Liberty has to go back to the dealership this week. I've only been leasing it these past two years, and unfortunately, I couldn't get it financed. With the state of the economy and the banking industry stumbling as it did, getting a loan with a bank when you don't have 100% credit (divorce will do that to you) is nearly impossible.

So...the Liberty is going back on the lot.

I'm going to miss it.

In its stead, I bought a 97 Grand Prix. It's got a lot of miles on it, but it's in good shape and I own it outright. No payments to make every month! And that will help my checkbook immensely. But after driving a small SUV, it's going to be a change to go back to driving a car so low to the ground.

I'll just console myself with that extra money in the bank every month. ;)


  1. My '95 Jeep Wrangler is squealing like mad. Whenever I take it to the shop, they tell me to buy a new car. (I fail to see how $700 in repairs is more expensive than $300 x 12 months.)

    But I love it. And I love driving an old car.

  2. You'll get used to it. I did the same thing last year and I gotta tell you there ain't nothing like the secure feeling of actually owing your vehicle. We own both ours hubby's truck for over 7 years's old but like Spy said even with repairs once in a while it's still cheaper than a car payment.

  3. I fantasize about the day I no longer have to drive an SUV.

    You got a great buy on that car and going without car payments has got to be nice. You'll get used to it.

  4. Sorry about the Jeep, but it's good to own, too, with no obligations to make payments. That's always a relief, too!

  5. By this time next year, I won't have a car payment anymore. I'm really looking forward to it.

    As for the driving lower to the ground, think of it this way--you're driving a sleek, sexier you. That always helps!

  6. No payments is a great thing in my book.

  7. Extra money in the bank every month is fabulous consolation. We own our 2 cars outright and plan to drive them into the ground.

    You'll get used to the low-to-the-ground, too. I used to drive a '72 Monte Carlo. Low-slung, tons of power. I still miss that car.

    Congrats on your lack of car payment! Sweet indeed.

  8. I'm sure you'll soon get used to it. No payments leaving your account will make it much more appealing.

  9. We got rid of our Jeep Liberty last year and I was so happy! I hated it! I drive a smaller car now and love it cause it doesn't hurt my back! Liberties are for people who don't mind getting bounced around!lol


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