Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's That Time of Year

Every single summer, I blog about how much I hate heat. Hate is not even close to what I feel for those excruciatingly hot summer days where the heat rolls off the pavement, chokes you, and makes you run for the air conditioned building.

It was hot here yesterday - I think we hit 91 degrees. Technically, summer doesn't begin until Sunday, but this is Nebraska, and the weather doesn't do what it's "supposed" to do.

But the other thing that comes along with my hatred of heat is how it makes me feel emotionally. I fight off depression a lot during the summer months. I feel lethargic and unmotivated, despite staying inside where it's nice and cool.

I've often wondered why I dislike this time of year so much. There are certain aspects of it I enjoy. Picnics, the 4th of July, baseball games, sitting outside on the deck watching the sun set, the beautiful flowers. When I was younger, the "no school" thing was wonderful, too. However, the first time I ever struggled with a deep depression was during the summer months. I think that my brain somehow remembers that and whenever summer hits, it triggers those feelings to haunt me again.

With everything that I've recently been through, I'm not looking forward to battling these same ol' summer blues. I think I have the opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder. I do better when there's less light!


  1. We are already hitting 100 most days, but this year it hasn't bothered me yet. Check back come August.

  2. It's almost 100 here with 100% humidity. Like you I stay inside or in the air. I hate it--my husband loves it.
    He used to get depressed every winter up north with the dark and cold. Hence the move to Florida.
    GO do fun fun things to combat it if you can force yourself too. Not always easy-- I know.

  3. Its 104 degrees F here.
    Its an interesting thing to read, that thing you wrote about doing well when there's less light. Reminds me of Ingmar Bergman- he never liked strong light either, he worked in suffused lighting.
    Its the first time I'm reading your blog, its very likeable!

  4. I can imagine your pain. I don't mind some heat, but not that crazy! Sounds like you need to move to BC :)

    Seriously, though, hope you find some distractions to keep your doldrums from getting the better of you.

  5. It's been a cool spring here in New England, which is fine by me, but not by my garden! I don't care for the heat either, but I do enjoy some of what it allows - fresh fruit, tomatoes off my own vines, the beach, outdoor concerts. But regardless, I'm always ready for fall!

  6. If I couldn't garden or kayak, summer would be a complete bust for me, so I hear you. The other three seasons appeal to me more even though I'm shut in, oddly enough.

    Hang in there.

  7. Maybe a little Hot Cocoa Therapy? Kind of the opposite of summer, right? Ha!

  8. I have depression and it worsens in the winter. I have a friend who summer is a haunting, terrible thing though so I understand. I'm praying that it will be easier for you this year. If you need anything, please drop me a line and I'll do what little I can to help.

  9. I love the hot weather. Of course, we haven't gotten any yet. Today has been the warmest yet at 79 degrees. Hardly worth wearing shorts. I know my August I will be complaining, but I do like those temps. I do get anxious during summer...but it doesn't have anything to do with the weather but rather those kids of mine. I like the long days of sunshine and the smell of night blooming jasmine in the summer.

  10. It's lovely here at the moment, and I love reasonable heat, about 28 degrees. I don't think I could cope at 100 degrees, that's far too hot for me.

  11. I grew up in Australia and still spend a lot of time there, but I am always so miserable with the heat of its summer, debilitated and depressed by it. I never find anything cool enough to wear outside, and I rudely (Australian-type cussing) curse the sun as I walk to the store. Summers there have me holed up in my refrigerated apartment the whole time, like a hermit, barely stepping outside. I am alienated from most Australians in this respect, considered weird.

    Back in Canada for now, I still spend about 5 months of the year in a sealed apartment, but I know I can go out, because snow is fun, and the cold is energizing.

    The Canadian sun is my friend.


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