Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In Defense of Leisure

Published author and writer extraordinaire Christine Fletcher has a wonderful post up on her blog today about leisure time.

We all know how hard we push ourselves to get the book done or write 1,000 words a day or submit, submit, submit! But sometimes, we really need to sit back, relax, and rejuvenate.

You can read the post here.


  1. I feel relaxed just looking at that picture:))

  2. That picture is of Tuscany. And oh, how I would love to be there right now...with a big plate of Italian pasta!

  3. Indeedy! Got some R&R in last weekend.

    Come enter my photo caption contest if you have time. :)

  4. I just came back from reading Christine's post. Really, it is some of the best writing advice I've seen lately, and like I told her, it's advice we don't see often enough. Thanks for sharing it here.

  5. Hmmm....

    idle hands=Devil's workshop. LOL

    I think she makes a really good point. I've thought too many of my writer friends forget that writing is about life, not the other way around. Its easy to focus on squeezing that writing time in and it lessens the joy we have in our writing.

  6. Ooh! I love it! And I so feel I'm at that stage right now. I'm just chilling and relaxing with the family. Jenni


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