Thursday, February 19, 2009

Zest! Gusto!

I just ran across this quote by Ray Bradbury:

"Zest. Gusto. How rarely one hears these words used. How rarely do we see people living, or for that matter, creating by them. Yet if I were asked to name the most important items in a writer’s make-up, the things that shape his material and rush him along the road to where he wants to go, I could only warn him to look to his zest, see to his gusto."

Are you using zest and gusto when you write? Are you using it in your life?


  1. Very smart! Definitely something to keep in mind, as I plow ahead with my WIP.

    And I love that picture! Did you take it?

  2. One of my favorite fiction quotes comes from Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine - "Dig in the earth, delve in the soul." He's got much wisdom.

  3. Oooh! I LIKE this! And yes, I feel like this describes me perfectly! LOL!

  4. Good quote! Words to write AND live by. :)

  5. Good point. It makes me sad to think I might be letting days of my life pass by without living with the zest, gusto and passion that I could. That requires effort, doesn't it?

    I, also, really like that picture.

  6. i *think* i do ;)

  7. Yes, I really try to, in both life and writing. I fear later year regrets, so am not scared of making a boob of myself in grabbing the gusto. :)

  8. Hmm...I dunno. I guess so. I suppose I have other words for it. I'm not a zesty person full of gusto. I let my children and my husband do that. I think that's why I write. The life I create on paper is so much more exciting than the one I live and I prefer it that way. I like to sit in the bleachers and cheer everyone else on.

  9. Yep that bar of Zest gives me gusto in the shower!

    Love the quote. Makes me curious about other Ray Bradbury wisdom.

  10. I love this. Definately words to live by.

  11. Brilliant, Melissa. What wise words from Mr Bradbury. I shall try to write and live like that.

  12. I started living more like that a few years ago. And I love that picture!

  13. I liked this. I like thinking about whether I am or am not living life with gusto. I think mostly I'm not but trying hard to change that. I always need some motivation and this post helps!

  14. Janna - No, I didn't take the pic, but I think it is of sunny Italy. I hope to get there some day!

    Joanne - Love that quote, too!

    Rebecca - Agreed. :-)

    Giddy - I think it describes you perfectly, too! :-)

    Jen - Absolutely. I need to live my life with more gusto, too.

    Heather - You're right. It DOES require effort to live with more passion and gusto. But I think the rewards are worth it.

    Patti - I think you're one who lives with zest and gusto. :-)

    Angie - So true about the regrets.

    Rene - I know the feeling. I know what I write about is a lot more exciting than my life! I guess I do like to sit on the stands a lot, but then there are other times I jump in the game and am usually glad that I do.

    Heidi, Joy, and Debs - Yep, I agree. A great quote!

    Shirley - I hope you achieve your goal of living this way! I think it's a worthy goal to shoot for.

    Kelly - Good for you!

    Terri - Glad it helps you. I know I need more zest and gusto in my life, too!

  15. I love Ray Bradbury. And I try to use zest and gusto.

  16. Debbie - Good for you! I need to use it more.


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