Thursday, October 30, 2008

On the Hunt

When moving, it is sometimes necessary to find new furniture. As I cannot afford to go to the furniture store and pick up anything I want at any price, that means I have to bargain shop. This includes going on CraigsList, hitting estate sales, rummaging through thrift stores (and some are much nicer than others!) and looking through want ads.

My daughter wanted a drawing table for her new room. Since she is quite the artist, I was more than happy to comply with her request. I've been looking ever since, and today I think I found the perfect little table. It's an antique, it's round, just her size, and more importantly, it was cheap. I found it at a cool little place here in town that buys used furniture, fixes it up, and sells it.

Since I'm also planning to decorate my new place in an English cottage style (gee, wonder where I got that idea?) I've been trying to look for suitable items. I wanted a Queen Ann style coffee table and have been scouring all my resources to try and find one. Lo and behold, I picked up the perfect match today at the same place I found my daughter's table.

Last week, I hit an estate sale and found a wing back chair in near perfect condition for $15. Yes, $15. But even better? The lady was getting ready to close shop and said, "Make me a deal! I want to get rid of it." So I offered her $10. She accepted. Woo hoo!

There's a few things I've learned on my hunt for a good deal. 1) People are usually willing to bargain with you if they really want to get rid of the item. 2) Don't buy the first thing you see if you don't absolutely love it - there's always something better that will come along. 3) Shop around!

Do you love to haunt thrift stores and antique shops? Are you a bargain hunter or would you just rather go into a store, grab the first thing you like, and high-tail it out of there?


  1. I love the stories behind the objects as much as I love the bargains. Good job!

  2. Nothing feels quite as nice as finding an inexpensive treasure.

  3. I don't haunt thrift shops, I don't have the patience. I wish I did. I'm more of the grab it and get out.

  4. It sounds like you're coming across some amazing finds (and enjoying it!) I love browsing antique shops, sensing the history, and agree with Travis. The furniture often feels like treasures. A friend bought her car at an unheard of price from an estate sale. So it def pays to look around.

  5. M, if we lived close, we'd be haunting the same shops and see each other often.

  6. I love shopping for antiques and bargains, but tend to buy something as soon as I see it. No self-control when it comes to shopping for furniture or books.

  7. Are you moving house, Melissa?


  8. I love a bargain and shopping like that. Your daughter is an amazing artist!! Good you got the table for her:)

  9. Devon - Thanks!

    Travis - It definitely felt nice, and my checkbook thanked me, too. :-)

    Rene - I have to be in the mood to go into a thrift shop. There are definitely days I want to grab and go.

    Joanne - It's been an adventure, that's for sure! I still have a few pieces I need to find, so the hunt will continue.

    Angie - Yay! Another fellow antique hunter!

    Debs - Oh, I know what you mean about self-control and books! But since I've been packing up boxes and boxes of books, I have started to rethink my purchases more!

    Diane - Yes, yes I am!

    Terri - Thanks for your compliment on my daughter's artwork. I think she's quite amazing, too. She was thrilled with the table. :-)

  10. Sounds like you're having quite the adventure shopping for your new home! Good luck with the move, Melissa!

  11. Hi Nienke! Good to see you around again!

  12. Hate it with a passion! I have no patience for it! It might have to do with hauling three little ones everywhere I go, though. ;)

  13. Robin - Oh yes. You must always go by yourself! Three little ones would spoil it! (Unless they're all asleep...) ;-)

  14. We love antique shops but have no more room for furniture!!!

  15. Tess - I think I need another bookshelf after I saw how many books I have left in boxes! :-)


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