Friday, June 13, 2008

Writing...Take Me Away!

For me, escaping into my writing world is a whole lot better than any bubble bath (for those of you who aren't sure about the reference, there is a popular bubble bath soap here in the U.S. called Calgon and they're tagline is, "Calgon, take me away!" and their commercials show a harried mother who is fed up with the kids, the housework, and the husband).

Anyway...that's all I wanted to do last night - write. After we cleaned up all the water and went through the other boxes in our basement that got hit with the water (and oh, horrors, I realized there was another box of books that I'm going to have to go through...), all I wanted to do was write. But then I knew I needed to take myself and the dog for a walk because I haven't been exercising like I should lately, and it was a beautiful evening. So off I went. And when I got back home, hubby was still working downstairs and I hung around and we chatted about our day. By the time I took a shower and crawled into bed, ready to turn on my laptop, it was 10 p.m. and all I wanted to do was go to sleep.

So I did.

Sigh...hopefully tonight will be better.

Escaping from my reality into my fictional world is better than any therapy in the world. Suddenly, I'm in charge (or I like to believe I am) of my characters' thoughts and actions and words, and I can make bad things happen to them without any consequences for myself (not that I like making bad things happen for them, but fiction is all about conflict, right?).

What about you? If your world is in turmoil, do you like to turn to your fiction to escape it all?


  1. I *always* turn to fiction when my world's in turmoil. Sadly, it's usually reading someone else's, but hey ho. :o)

  2. In the UK, "Calgon" is something you use to remove the limescale from your washing machine.

    I turn to chocolate. Cake. Sweets. McDonalds. KFC. Chip shop chips ...

  3. Shirley - Yeah, I like to escape into a good book when reality is not so fun, too.

    Diane - Good thing I explained the whole Calgon thing! ;-)

    I turn to chocolate, too, probably much more often than I should.

  4. Oh, chocolate, yes. That goes without saying. :o)

  5. It depends on the level of turmoil. The year my dad was dying, I barely wrote at all. But with other stuff, yeah, I do like to retreat into my fictional world. Not that I always have control there either *g*, but at least I'm with characters I love!

  6. Yes. I love to escape into the setting I've created.


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