Monday, June 09, 2008

7 Random Things

Because I'm on Rebecca's blogroll, I'm therefore tagged to do the 7 Random Things About Me meme, which is a good thing because it's Monday and I can't think of a decent blog topic.

Ok. Here goes. 7 Random or Weird Things About Me You Didn't Know (And Maybe Don't Want To Know)

1. I can't swim. I even took private swimming lessons when I was a girl. Still didn't help. My mind could not get over the fact that if I tried to float, I would definitely sink because it was obvious that I was heavier than water. I couldn't even dunk my head under water.

2. My mom and I wrote two children's books and had them published about seven years ago (I'm not listed as an author because I have no idea who put this on Amazon. Wasn't us!). They were commissioned by the Nebraska Dry Bean Grower's Association that my mother worked for. We wrote the stories and we had a local illustrator draw the pics for it. They turned out great. They were sent to every school in Nebraska, and we even did a few book tours, went to local schools to speak, and even libraries.

3. I still have my prom dress from when I was a junior. I can't bear to part with it since it was handmade. It's still gorgeous to this day.

4. I went to Las Vegas to get married. It was just hubby and I. Terribly romantic, plus we saved a ton of money in the process. We had a reception for our family and friends when we got back.

5. I have to eat pizza with a fork. Otherwise, it's too messy. My husband calls the way I eat pizza un-American. I just don't want to spill sauce on my shirt.

6. I am addicted to email. I will check my private email at work once every hour. At home, I have to check it at least every four.

7. I have to get the mail from the mailbox No one else. If they do, I get irritated beyond belief. Don't ask me why. Maybe that's why I am addicted to email.

If you're like me and can't think of a good blog post, go ahead and consider yourself tagged to do this meme. :-)


  1. Cool to learn more about you, Melissa :) I hear you on the pizza and cutlery thing. Depending on what kind it is, I don't always eat with my hands either. And very cool on the kids book you and your mom wrote!!!

  2. I wish me and my wife had done #4 and I'm with your husband on #5.

  3. #2 is very cool! And I am with you on 5, 6 and 7. To expand on #5, I am pretty much like that with all food -- it don't really like touching it because I don't like getting stuff on my hands, etc. As you can imagine, people find me pretty weird around ribs and fried chicken, but maybe you can relate :)

  4. Dearest Daughter,
    Did we not let you get the mail enough when you were growing up? Do you remember your big brother sometimes pulling you in the little red wagon to the mailbox?
    Love you,
    p.s. Yay Benjamin Bean!!! Wasn't it a hoot traveling around on the book tour? I loved it! Count it among our special blessings!!

  5. Hey, had no idea about the children's books. Cool.

    I, too, have been known to eat pizza with a fork...

  6. I can't swim either! Made it quite a challenge to learn about sailing for America's Cup last year . . .


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