Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thunder and Lightning and...Tornadoes?

We've had quite a run of severe weather the past two weeks. Last Thursday, a tornado hit parts of Kearney, Nebraska, which is about 120 miles from us. We had some damaging winds and rain from the storm, but thankfully no tornado. However, we did have the news on the entire evening and hubby stayed up late to make sure the tornado watch expired before went to sleep.

Last night we had another patch of storms roll in. And let me tell you, those clouds were nasty looking. So dark they were almost black, they converged on our city and sent the tornado sirens blaring. We headed to our basement and kept watching the weather on our local station to see if there might be a tornado headed our way. We were under a tornado warning because this same storm had a history of producing tornadoes.

My daughter was not a happy camper. She was quite scared, but I reassured her that we were in a safe part of the house if a tornado happened to come by. Thankfully, the warning expired without any funnel clouds appearing.

I woke up to a lake in the backyard, but if there was any thunder, I didn't hear it. We're supposed to get more severe storms this afternoon and this evening, which means more sky-watching and nail-biting.

Of course, the funniest part of the whole evening was my scramble downstairs - I had my laptop running and had written about a half a page on my novel when the warnings sounded. And of course, the laptop is the one thing I grabbed before I went downstairs.

That's a writer for ya.


  1. LOL at the image of you running with your desktop.

    Glad the tornados steered clear of y'all! Hope today's bad weather dissipates with no problems.

    It's just raining here. And cold. What Sean's late Grandpa referred to as Junuary weather (and yes that's a "u" after the "J", not an "a").

  2. When I finally went upstairs to bed I picked up my purse and was surprised by its weight. Lo and behold, I had thrown my camera in when we ran downstairs during the tornado warning. : ) So I may not be much of a writer (or perhaps my desktop is much too heavy), but my camera made the cut!

    Hoping for a surprisingly lam-o storm tonight...

  3. I've been thinking of you every time national weather comes on. Hope the tornadoes continue to pass you by.


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