Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snow Day!

Kids have the day off from school today - we got a ton of snow yesterday and last night.

If only adults could get snow days, too!

If you unexpectedly had the day off and a blizzard raged outside, what would you do?


  1. I'd probably blink a bit and wonder what it was. We don't get snow in our village, let alone a blizzard, but I'd probably stay in and watch it all day, in front of the comfort and warmth of a log fire. Then I'd take a picture and put in on the blog.

    I LOVE snow, but we just don't get it. Even when the rest of the country does.

  2. well, I'd want the electricity to stay on *g then I'd curl up in front of the fire with a pot of tea, a good book, my laptop, and my kitties. Ah. sounds good, doesn't it?


  4. Had this happen in Tennessee, of all places. Knocked out the electricity, so we snuggled up and read books by the light of a camping lantern. Then went out and played in the snow with the dogs, and helped dig our neighbor's truck out of the ditch. It was a great time (especially since the electricity came back on the next day -- whew. Our neighbor's was out for a week!)

  5. I work from home anyway, but even so -- when we get hit with a big one, I usually run outside with the dog and of course at some point, we have to break out the snow shovel so the mail can come :)

  6. I had four snowed-in "no school" days last week, Melissa! We played bingo and scrabble and monopoly.
    I hope you enjoy the down time with your kids *smile*

  7. I'd watch movies :) Write. Drink hot chocolate :)

  8. Depends if I was on my own or not.

    Alone, I'd curl up on the sofa with the dog, a latte and a good book.

    With DH and the kids - we'd be patiently explaining for the 100th time that they have to wait for the blizzard to stop before we can go and make a snowman :o)


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